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Technology Platform PV Workshop

Okt 16
“Characterization techniques for materials and devices in PV”

Within the framework of the Austrian Photovoltaics Technology Platform– www.TPPV.at –  AIT organizes a workshop on measurement and characterization techniques of PV components.

The workshop will take place on October 16th 2017 at AIT – EnergyBase in Vienna. “International experts will present and discuss means of analytic methodologies for improving the quality of solar materials and devices,” explains senior scientist Marcus Rennhofer. The AIT contributes with an overview of its unique expertise in non-destructive device characterization. Experts from photovoltaic industry and research from Austria, U.K., and France will join the event. On the following day, the TPPV member-assembly will take place at the same location.

For more information: Marcus Rennhofer