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International Conference on Computer Security in the Nuclear World: Security for Safety 2023

Jun 19-23

The IAEA will convene an international conference during the week of 19 to 23 June 2023 to provide Member States with a forum to discuss the evolving nature of computer security in the nuclear field, including the mitigation capabilities and related tools, as the vulnerability to the theft and/or manipulation of sensitive information and computer systems to cyber-attacks is widely recognized.

Main Topics 

Consistent with the objectives, the overall themes for the conference will be:

  • state-level strategy and regulatory approaches for computer security in a nuclear security regime;
  • computer security programme implementation;
  • computer security in supply chain management;
  • practical implementation of computer security assurance activities;
  • sustainability of computer security
  • human resources contribution to computer security;
  • international cooperation in computer security for a nuclear security regime;
  • computer security of emerging digital technologies for nuclear activities.

Read more about this conference here.