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17th A3PS Conference: Eco-Mobility 2022

Efficient propulsion systems for saving renewable energies

Eco-Mobility 2022 will discuss the impacts of different propulsion system solutions and provide in-depth information on latest developments and innovative strategies. Leading representatives from industry, R&D and technology policy will report on the activities and strategies for the successful development and market introduction of efficient propulsion concepts and sustainable energy carriers.

The conference is thematically organised into four sessions: “Advanced Electric Vehicle Technologies”, “Community Based Automotive Transformation”, “Long-Distance and off-Road Transportation” andCircular Economy and Production – Concepts and Processes”.

The AIT is represented by Marcus Jahn (Head of Competence Unit Battery Technologies), who will have a presentation on “Climate-friendly Batteries for Tomorrow's Mobility”, and by Christian Chimani, Head of Center for Low-Emission Transport and Deputy Chair of the A3PS Board. Furthermore, AIT experts will present scientific posters on electric vehicle technologies and lightweight design and have a small exhibition stand.


For more information, programme and registration, please visit https://www.a3ps.at/konferenz/eco-mobility-2022


24th and 25th November 2022

Gironcoli-Kristall STRABAG Art Forum, Vienna

Contact: eco-mobility(at)a3ps.at