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Webinar: Electric Vehicle User-Centric Design for Optimized Energy Efficiency

Feb-Mär 17-03
Two Session Clustering Workshop of the Horizon 2020 projects QUIET & DOMUS

On February 17th and March 3rd, 2021, a two-session clustering workshop was held within the framework of the Horizon 2020 projects QUIET (coordinated by AIT) and DOMUS (coordinated by IDIADA). Both projects aim to optimize energy efficiency and thus increase the range of electric vehicles through innovative, user-centered design. New cabin components, systems and control strategies will be developed and demonstrated in an A and B segment car. During the workshop, both projects presented their progress and highlighted the similarities and differences in their approach.

The Clustering workshop was divided into two sessions:

Session 1 (on February 17th): Making electric cars more energy efficient
During this session, the different methodologies applied by both projects in order to fulfil the same objectives were discussed and analyzed.

Dragan Šimić

Dragan Šimić

Session 2 (on March 3rd): Breakthrough technologies at component level
During this session, breakthrough technologies at component level were discussed. Additionally, there were discussions with invited speakers from the H2020 projects BIOMOTIVE and FITGEN about alternative solutions at component level related to EVs.

The sessions were organized and moderated by Dragan Šimić (AIT; project manager & coordinator of QUIET), Maarten Weide (UniResearch; project manager and dissemination leader of DOMUS) and Eric Cerneaz (European Commission – INEA; project officer DOMUS & QUIET).

Please find the official invitation to the workshop and the agenda  here.