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Mai 15-17

Quality assurance of Photovoltaic power plants
AIT showcases activities and services to ensure the quality & performance and reduce the risk for investments in the field of photovoltaic power plants. AIT performs photovoltaic module and system assessment and the broad team expertise allows to cover technical, organizational and economic aspects. AIT has a track record of more than 600 MWp of assessed PV power plants in the last years, develops and provides outstanding evaluation methodologies. AIT is the partner for your PV module type approval testing and certification according to latest IEC Standards.

Data driven performance and failure diagnosis of PV Systems
AIT provides smart software algorithms that enable fully automated monitoring of photovoltaic systems based on real time detection and classification of system failures and performance loss trends. AIT’s algorithms can be integrated into advanced monitoring software for PV power plants and comprise routines to accurately diagnose failures at module, array, sensors and inverter level by application of data analytics and machine learning methods. This will bring the performance of your PV power plants to a new level.

Mobile inspection toolkits for quality assurance of Photovoltaic Modules
AIT has developed low-cost, mobile, and handheld inspection toolkits for PV modules to be used in the laboratory as well as on site of the PV power plant. A high power ultraviolet (UV) LED identifies failure patterns and cell cracks in photovoltaic panels in real time based on UV-fluorescence measurements. For precise detection of PID defects, bypass-diode failures or power performance loss a Dark-IV measurement toolkit is available. At Intersolar Munich you get an insight in these advanced inspection tools for quality assurance of PV modules.

20 years of testing Inverters for Solar and Battery Applications
AIT supports manufacturers and system integrators with testing inverters for residential, commercial and utility scale applications and provides consulting and design support for efficient system Integration:
• Inhouse testing capability up to 1 MW AC and 1.2 MW DC
• Electrical, functional and performance tests according to latest global grid codes and testing standard
• Performance and lifetime testing under controlled environmental conditions
• Simulation and testing of single components as well as complete generation systems and plants using Hardware-In-The-Loop

Next generation power electronics
AIT is your partner from concept to production-ready designs of power-electronics converters.
• Transferring knowledge and know how into best-in-class products and solutions
• Design for manufacturing reliability and robustness
• Innovative control solutions for smart-grid ready products and grid code compliance
• Firmware and application software development
• Transferring design into production

AIT welcomes you at Hall A2-638

When: 15-17 May 2019, Opening hours: 9:00-18:00

Where: Intersolar München, Hall A2 – Stand 638
             Messegelände München


AIT Presseaussendung Intersolar 2019