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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

AIT @ INTERSOLAR Europe in Munich

Advanced inspection tools for PV and cutting edge smart grid solutions

1.200 exhibitors and 50.000 visitors are expected at the world’s leading exhibition and conference for the solar industry. Ensuring the quality & performance and reducing the risk for investments in the field of Photovoltaic power plants is a core issue at AIT Center for Energy. With a track record of more than 500 MWp of assessed PV power plants in the last years, AIT develops and provides outstanding evaluation methodologies and is active in the standardization committees in the field of photovoltaic.

At the Intersolar in Munich AIT showcases risk mitigation for investments in power plants as well as low-cost, mobile, and handheld inspection toolkits for PV modules to be used in the laboratory as well as on site of the PV power plant. First, with a high power UV lamp cell cracks and faulty modules can be identified in real time based on UV-fluorescence measurements. Second, an easy to use Dark-IV measurement box for modules up to 72 cells for the precise detection of cell cracks due to transportation damage, PID defects, as well as bypass-diode problems. The measurements are performed under dark conditions. By this method a throughput of 60 kWp/hour can be evaluated.  

The AIT Smart Grid Converter boasts unique capabilities such as 3-phase interactive grid-tie and micro-grid operation with grid forming and unbalance load handling capability. For the integration into smart grid control, a broad range of connectivity options are supported, including IEC 61850 and SunSpec. As part of a smart-grid ready solution, these features mark the next step towards the full integration of distributed energy resources into the electric power system. Acting as the intelligent interface between the distributed resource and the grid, smart power converters are one of the key enabling technologies in the future grids in both, microgrid, and traditional grid-tie applications.