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CEDR Conference on Asset Management & Maintenance

AIT experts co-host the convention and compile the Final Programme Report

The Project Executive Board of the CEDR initiated Programme entitled “Asset Management & Maintenance” started five research projects in 2015. The aim of this research programme is to advance national road authorities' understanding of road equipment asset management, on why and how to implement ISO 55000 and on social benefits and costs. Furthermore a common approach on the use of standard ravelling tests shall be developed to predict pavement durability and to get recommendations for maintenance procurement by investigating current practices.

The five projects are:

ARISE: Application to Roads of ISO55000 using Exemplars
Practical Road Equipment Measurement Understanding and Management
ISABELA: Integration of social aspects and benefits into life-cycle asset management
DRaT: Development of the Ravelling Test
BEST4ROADS: Best Practice Guidelines for Procurement of Road Maintenance

Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is managing the Asset Management & Maintenance Call; this includes organizing the Call for Proposals, programme co-ordination, financial governance and general project management.

Denitsa Osichenko, Roland Spielhofer, Isabela Erdelean, Manfred Haider

Denitsa Osichenko, Roland Spielhofer, Isabela Erdelean, Manfred Haider

On 12 and 13 October, the final conference of the programme took place in Vienna, hosted by FFG and AIT. Together with Christian Pecharda from FFG, Manfred Haider, Isabela Erdelean, Roland Spielhofer and Denitsa Osichenko from AIT Center for Mobility Systems led through the workshops and sessions, moderated panel discussions and presented AIT’s project PREMiUM, focusing on the development of a road equipment asset management guideline. The outcome of all five projects and the conference’s rich and fruitful discussions are the basis for the Final Programme Report, which will be compiled by the AIT experts within the next weeks. The purpose of this report is to bring together the findings and recommendations from the projects and to illustrate how road authorities can implement the recommendations from each of the projects in an efficient manner.

About CEDR

CEDR is the Road Directors’ platform for cooperation and promotion of improvements to the road system and its infrastructure, as an integral part of a sustainable transport system in Europe. Its members represent their respective national road authorities or equivalents and provide support and advice on decisions concerning the road transport system that are taken at national or international level.