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UN-Conference in Astana: “Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Energy

11.-14 June 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan

Astrid Schneider from Center for Energy presents at UN-conference

The Ministerial Conference  “Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Energy” & and the 8th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development were held in the wake of the official presidential opening of the EXPO 2017 “Future Energy” on 10 June 2017 in Astana. The conference focused on energy security, trade and infrastructure, the energy-climate and food nexus, and the development of renewable energy in a regional context. The events provided a unique opportunity to explore how the United Nations system can help countries and business to implement or pursue sustainable agendas. Ministers, high-level delegations and leading energy experts explored how to drive change, the role of and need for regional cooperation and planning.

Astrid Schneider from AIT Center for Energy was invited as an expert and held during track II Smart Sustainable Cities and track IV: Regional Cooperation her presentation “Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) as a major source of energy for smart buildings and cities“.

The events were hosted by the Government of Kazakhstan and jointly organized by Kazakhstan and the United Nations Regional Commissions under the auspices of the EXPO 2017 “Future Energy” in Astana, Kazakhstan, on 11-14 June 2017.

Contact: Astrid Schneider



Astrid Schneider (third on the right) with the group of participating experts.