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IEA ANNEX 51: Acoustic Signatures of Heat Pumps

Kick-off Meeting was held at AIT premises from 20-21 June, 2017

The Annex 51 Kickoff Meeting was held at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna, Austria from Tuesday, June 20th – Wednesday, June 21st 2017.

Christoph Reichl from AIT Center for Energy hosted as Operating Agent of the Annex the event at which research institutes from Sweden, France and Germany participated.  

Reduction of acoustic emissions is important to further increase the acceptance of heat pumps as air-to-water, water-to-air, air-to-air and brine-to-water (ground source) units. To increase this acceptance and minimize noise annoyance more focus has to be put on the acoustics emissions at steady state and transient behavior of acoustic signatures during different operating conditions (e.g. icing, de- frosting, capacity control, cooling mode).

Thus, Annex 51 primarily aims at increasing the acceptance of heat pumps with respect to noise and vibration emissions.  Another aim is collecting and combining research results in these fields on the different implementation levels (component, unit and application) to lead to directions for improved components, units and control strategies including guidelines, as well as training and inputs to future standards.