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From 14th to 16th of March 2017, the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2017 will take place in Amsterdam. The AIT Center for Mobility Systems will participate as exhibitor and present EXPERIENCE, a service to evaluate wayfinding systems and architectural designs using virtual reality.


Evaluation of wayfinding systems and architectural designs using virtual reality

EXPERIENCE is a consulting service based on virtual reality technologies which offers a novel method for an interactive exploration and analysis of architectural models and designs before they are built. It uses a test environment allowing persons to walk through virtual 3D models of airports while measuring their movement, visual attention and relevant behavioral characteristics. For a high level of realism, EXPERIENCE combines immersive visual computing technologies, characteristic soundscapes and cutting-edge crowd simulations – based on the framework SIMULATE, which is also used for evacuation and capacity analysis of infrastructures. As a result, the passenger wayfinding experience can be evaluated by quantifying several passenger-oriented aspects (detailed passenger-route-analysis, visibility of static and dynamic signage, etc.) in customized scenarios with a representative cross-section of user groups (age, nationality, etc.).

EXPERIENCE was developed by experts from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology Center for Mobility Systems in close cooperation with Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH. This collaboration enabled the development of an ideal solution for architects, operators of large infrastructures and public spaces, transportation planners and consultants. It effectively supports the evaluation of architecture and identifies issues ahead of time, resulting in reduced need for re-work and project cost savings. As such it revolutionizes wayfinding planning processes and enables to test the acceptance of the terminal visibility as a whole or of its subsystems and components. EXPERIENCE improves pedestrian flows – as well as the performance of designs – and increases customer satisfaction leading to greater usage and turnover. EXPERIENCE was successfully used in the planning phase of Vienna’s new Central Railway Station to improve the guidance of people through the facility.

How to find us at Passenger Terminal Expo 2017:

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

RAI Amsterdam, Hall 8, Europaplein, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Booth 5100

Contact: Silvia Bernkopf, +43 664 8251470