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OAGM & ARW Workshop 2017

Mai 10-12
Workshop for Vision, Automation & Robotics

The workshop aims at further fostering collaboration of Austria‘s computer vision and robotics communities and of discussing emerging topics in both fields. The program will include expert talks, presentations of referred contributions, a student paper track as well as industry presentations and demonstrations. 

The meeting is organized by two independent groups:

  • OAGM/AAPR addresses image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision
  • ARW addresses vision-based control of robots and autonomous vehicles.

The Workshop will take place in May 10th-12th, 2017 in Vienna, Palais Eschenbach and is organized by Technical University of Vienna, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and UAS Technikum Wien.

Date: 10.-12.05. 2017

Venue: Palais Eschenbach, 1010 Vienna