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Benoit Bletterie holds IEEE-PES Webinar


Evaluation of the deployment potential of smart grids solutions to enhance the hosting capacity of distribution networks through statistical methods

The installed capacity of distributed energy resources (DER) has massively increased in the last 15 years. The general trend is expected to remain and the share of distributed energy resources will further grow in the next years. With this massive development, the hosting capacity of distribution networks has been exhausted in some regions.

In order to efficiently integrate this generation into distribution networks, alternative solutions (smart grid solutions) to network reinforcement have been proposed in the last years. In particular, many R&D efforts have been devoted to the development of novel voltage control concepts and several concepts have been successfully tested under real conditions in various demonstrators. However their real potential for large scale deployment has not been fully studied so far.

This webinar will address the question of how to evaluate the actual replicability potential of smart grid solutions by simulation techniques. To estimate the hosting capacity, an approach based on Monte Carlo simulations has been developed and used on a large set of network data (MV and LV) from eight European distribution network operators. This webinar will showcase the use of advanced simulations to quantify the expected hosting capacity increase with smart grids solutions on the basis of the work done in the EU project IGREENGrid.



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Contact: Benoit Bletterie