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European Energy Research Alliance and the SET-plan


When the EERA Executive Committee met in Rome on December 9th, two new EERA Joint Programmes were on the agenda (EERA Joint Programme on Energy Efficiency and Industrial Processes). During this meeting, also a prioritization of projects, applied by the EERA-Joint programmes was done, in order to assess the three most important projects for further funding by the European Commission. First priority was given to the project by the Joint program Smart Cities; second: Bioenergy and third Storage.

About EERA
EERA (European Energy Research Alliance) is an instrument of the strategic Set-Plan (Strategic Energy Technology plan) which is set up by the European Comission to help to fulfill the 20-20-20 targets. EERA is also a bottom up initiative where researchers from all Europe get together and form huge Joint Programmes.

AIT Energy coordinates the Joint Programme Smart Cities
AIT Energy coordinates the Joint Programme Smart Cities. The JP consist of 66 Research Centers and Universities and more than 400 Researchers in Europe. One major element of this JP is the strong involvement of cities as the key stakeholders of this research in the form of a City Advisory Board. The Board consists of senior urban planners, city managers and urban project leaders who provide input and feedback to the JP to ensure that research is aligned to the real-life needs of cities and to enable scientists to work out solutions in response to future urban trends and developments.

AGE Chairwoman Brigitte Bach
Brigitte Bach: “In my capacity as Chairwoman of the Advisory Group on Energy (AGE) for Horizon 2020, I am happy to report that the EERA priorities are in line with the AGE’s input to the H2020 Work Programme. Secure, Clean and Efficient Energyfor 2016/2017. In its advice, the AGE recommended to strengthen specific research efforts in the fields smart cities, energy efficiency, electricity grids, intelligent district heating and cooling, energy harvesting, conversion and storage as well as cross-cutting issues with a focus on system integration and social sciences. The AGE has also made clear that a key requirement in the future will be to step up R&D funding in energy research and to maintain a strong focus on excellence.

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