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ComForEn 2014 – AIT Industry Day

Symposium on Communications for Energy Systems

ComForEn is a yearly scientific event that brings together energy and information technology experts from science and industry to discuss emerging topics in the context of current Austrian smart grids research projects.

AIT Industry Day
1. October 2014, 10.00 – 17.00
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Wien

The ComForEn 2014 Industry Day
- Smart and Secure Secondary Substations
The ComForEn Industry Day brings together equipment providers and grid operators. The event aims to exchange experience and information on latest developments in the context of secondary substation technology. The Industry Day will feature both, deep conceptual insights from a moderated presentation panel and hands-on experience of innovative substation equipment at the smart secondary substation exhibition in the AIT SmartEST Laboratory.
While primary stations are closely integrated into distribution management systems, the vast majority of secondary stations are operated passively today. New operation paradigms for low voltage distribution networks caused by increasing connections of distributed generation, active demand, electric mobility and dedicated distributed energy storage will require online monitoring of more and low voltage substations. In order to manage the growing number of distributed generators, new functionalities have to be integrated at secondary substation level. Furthermore, IT security plays a vital role in the realisation of smart secondary substations due to the large number of connected devices in the field.

Program and Information Industry Day
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