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E-ARK gets £6M to save digital data

New international project for creating an electronic ‘ark’ for digital and paper-based archives

The European Commission has awarded £6M to archiving and digital preservation specialists to create E-ARK, a revolutionary method of archiving data that is set to become the gold standard across Europe. The system will ensure current digital archives, including ‘big data,’ are future-proofed. (Big data is data sets of such a size that it is difficult to manage with traditional software and databases.)

Digital preservation specialists at the University of Portsmouth are leading the project, which involves over a dozen major partners including a core group of European national archives. Within the project, AIT leads work package 6 "Archival Storage, Services, and Integration." This work package provides a software package and reference implementation for a scalable e-Archiving service. This package should be easily deployed at institutions that have no existing archival infrastructure. The reference implementation should create new business opportunities for the access to and re-use of archival data by supporting Open Access to archival records and data mining of these records in order to find valuable trends and correlations.

For further information please read the lastest press release: