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„ECO-MOBILITY 2012”- Alternative Propulsion Systems and Fuels

A3PS – The Austrian Agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems – invites you to the 7th A3PS Conference

With the aim to overcome the barriers for a successful market introduction of alternative propulsion systems and energy carriers, policy makers, industry and R&D institutions will discuss the impact of these technologies for a sustainable mobility system and the competitiveness of the vehicle industry and the energy sector.

Public authorities will inform about political strategies and R&D funding programs to support innovation and to get the right products at the right time on the market in order to satisfy consumer’s demand and to solve urgent challenges of environmental, energy and transport policy.

Leading auto¬motive OEM and supply companies will analyze technological trends and present strategies for the optimization of the drive train and its energy supply to reduce emissions and improving the energy efficiency.

The following keynote speakers will present their strategies to face these challenges successfully:

  • David Beeton (Urban Foresight / UK)
  • Jens Borken-Kleefeld (Int. Institute for Applied Systems Analysis / Austria)
  • Andreas Dorda (A3PS / Austria)
  • Evelinde Grassegger (bmvit / Austria)
  • Kisang Lee (Hyundai / South Korea)
  • Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni (ERTRAC Vice Chairman & Valeo / France)
  • Ken Rose (CONCAWE / Belgium)
  • Lars-Göran Rosengren (ERTRAC Steering Group & Volvo / Sweden)
  • Franz X. Söldner (European Commission DG MOVE / Belgium)

The Austrian automotive sector is represented by the member institutions of A3PS demonstrating their high competence in the field of the alternative drive trains and energy carriers.

Eco-Mobility 2012 is a conference in one stream of sessions on two days. An exhibition of hardware and posters of the A3PS member institutions will accompany the two conference days.

The conference will conclude with a panel discussion where the keynote speakers of both days will participate and discuss the challenges and opportunities of the market introduction of alternative propulsion systems and energy carriers.
Conference location and date
Room 0.1 – Ground Floor
Tech Gate Vienna
Donau-City-Straße 1
A-1220 Wien  

From: 11th December 2012   10:00
To:  12th December 2012   16:00

Please register on www.a3ps.at

Conference Fee:
The conference fee is EUR 200,-
A3PS members: EUR 100,-
Students: EUR 30,-.

The conference fee includes the conference entry, conference documents, two lunch meals, coffee/tea breaks and drinks during the conference.
The full fee mentioned above has to be paid at any case, even if not all services are consumed (e.g. attendance of the conference on one day only).

Terms of payment
For a valid registration the payment must arrive on our bank account until 3rd December 2012. In case of a cancelation in written form until 30th November 2012 the full amount can be refunded. It is also possible to send a substitute to attend the conference.