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AIT Energy hosts DERri General and Review Meeting


November 16-18th 2011 in Vienna


The project DERri (Distributed Energy Resources Research Infrastructures) held its General Meeting last week at AIT TECHbase premises. More than 30 participants from 15 partner institutions coming from 13 European countries were participating. On Day 3, the mid-term review meeting of the project was held, in presence of the reviewer, and chaired by the representative of the European Commission. The review was successfully completed and the interim results of the project were approved.

DERri is optimising the use and development of excellent European energy research laboratories by streamlining research activities to foster grid integration of renewable energy sources. The project under the FP7 Capacities programme is funding transnational access for external researchers and companies who wish to make use of excellent laboratories or validate their findings.

At the next call on Research Infrastructures for Distributed energy resources (INFRA-2012-1.1.19) with the deadline at the end of November 2011 the proposal “DERrise” - a continuation of the DERri program will be submitted. Again, AIT Energy will offer trans-national access to their inverter test lab and newly installed Power-Hardware-in-the Loop (P-HIL) laboratory, and will lead the work package of Joint Research Activity 3 “Power System Architecture”.