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Centre for habitual change analysis in transportation for the design of effective, socially accepted mobility measures

The CHANGE-Lab exploratory project developed the basis for implementing an urban mobility lab in the form of a research infrastructure which supports the examination and evaluation of group-specific effects of measures for motivating persistent behavior changes in different social environments. The planned mobility lab is not bound to a specific territory and facilitates the access to potential supra-regional and local partners for research and development activities as well as to the required research infrastructure for actors from all over Austria. In this way the mobility lab will stimulate research activities which allow a better assessment of the effects of policy measures, facilitating a more target-oriented planning of socially accepted measures in order to achieve transport policy goals in a more efficient and effective way.

Therefore, two major aspects have been prepared in the course of this exploratory project by involving actors from different scientific disciplines as well as municipalities, industry and citizens: a) a research agenda defining the joint research goals and development paths of the mobility lab, and b) a definition of the organizational requirements for the implementation and operation of the CHANGE-Lab mobility lab. The results are used for the development of an implementation plan providing concrete recommendations for the realization of the lab. In addition, these activities have been accompanied by the establishment and continuous expansion of an Austrian network of relevant actors as well as the development of a comprehensive dissemination plan.


http://mobilitylab.at (German only)