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OSCD -  Orchestrating Smart Charging in mass Deployment

The goal of the project ‘Orchestrating Smart Charging in mass Deployment’ (OSCD) is to enable commitment to Electric Vehicles (EV) on a large scale. And this in the most economical way by sustaining grid services and utilizing renewable energy by organising smart charging. With the expectation that this will lead to grid stability and reduced CO2 emissions. In this way creating benefits for the economy and society in Europe.
OSCD has been made possible by Electric Mobility Europe (EME): to further advance electric mobility in Europe.

The plan includes innovative ways to better understand the situation specific challenges in an integrated way, taking into account the grid complexity, better analyse the situation based on real and simulated data. We combine an academic and operational approach, leading to innovative, disruptive and advanced practical solutions that will improve existing protocols and enables the orchestrating of various interfaces and transactions. A better EV charging environment and a balanced grid are the results. In the project, we plan to orchestrate the various interfaces and protocols and create a solution that will enable to balance the electricity network capabilities and the EV charging/ driver needs. The capabilities and experiences of the different involved parties are complementary.

The project combines several applications of smart charging together leading to grid benefits and making smart charging economically interesting for implementation, increasing the benefits of charging for the EV owner thus encouraging EV ownership and increasing the penetration of EV globally. Orchestration of Smart Charging is necessary to enable mass deployment of EV. The further development of (local) ‘grid services’ will put the EV in the position to ‘solve’ the DSOs (future) congestion challenge. Summarised, the result of the project will be ‘a better EV charging environment and a balanced grid’.

AIT is equipped with sophisticated laboratory / simulation facilities to in-depth further explore the impact of EV on the (low voltage) grids. These facilities are needed to learn about the impact and measures to integrate the uptake of electromobility in the most efficient way.

Duration: 30 months
Partner Countries: AT, DE, IL, NL
Website: https://www.oscd.eu/