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The overall objectives of this project were the development and evaluation of technology components in particular electro-optics, acoustics, and communications technology, in order to detect potential threats and protect against them using proportionate means of intervention. Sensor fusion of the various sensor technologies has been implemented to ensure a robust and reliable sensor system.

Further focal points at this KIRAS project have been related to the following areas:

  • Constitution of the user processes and interfaces for modern civil air defense systems in terms of interoperability with existing crisis management systems and decision support.  
  • Examination of the legislative approaches that allow a constitutional intervention and technical means in accordance with the legal bases.
  • Implementation and validation of the officially relevant scenarios, with focus on the protection of people and critical infrastructure.  
  • Examination of the social and ethical aspects of using such technologies in the  civilian sector.

Particular emphasis has been put on exceeding the current state of the art of the used technologies as well as providing an instruction manual for official use of the technology and as a decision aid in case such systems are purchased. The results have been shown as a functional technology demonstrator based on the relevant scenarios for authorities.

Start: 01.12.2016

End: 30.06.2019

Website: https://www.kiras.at/gefoerderte-projekte/detail/d/ambos/