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There are many types of disasters, both man-made and natural, that crisis management (CM) professionals have to deal with today. DRIVER is a unique multi-national project, working across many sectors, looking to find ways to implement a new approach to improving crisis management in Europe.

The DRIVER project brings together researchers, developers and practitioners from across Europe and focuses on three key areas:

  1. Improving civil society resilience so that local communities are better prepared to respond to, and recover from, a disaster;
  2. Strengthening first responders in terms of the crisis management solutions they have available to them;
  3. Training and learning solutions designed to enhance the capacities and capabilities of trainers and human resources professionals dealing with those involved in crisis management.

DRIVER is achieving these by establishing a distributed European test-bed for crisis management capability development with proven evaluation methodologies. DRIVER aims to assess and validate innovative, yet practical, crisis management solutions that work, that have been tried and tested, and above all are used for, and by, emergency practitioners.