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Power System Technologies Development & Validation

Power system technologies development & validation

Tomorrow’s electric energy systems will rely on smart, safe and reliable components which are able to communicate with the power grid using advanced ICT infrastructure. The AIT Center for Energy supports manufacturers in the design and testing of power system components and provides consulting and development support for efficient system integration.

current coils

High voltage and high power testing

On the basis of testing and certification services, AIT provides support across all stages of development - from the product concept through to series production. Professional engineering and consulting expertise make AIT a reliable partner in the product development process of devices for electric energy systems.

SmartEST laboratory in Vienna

Smart electricity systems and technology services

The SmartEST (Smart Electricity Systems and Technologies) Laboratory established by the Austrian Institute of Technology provides a unique research and simulation infrastructure to analyze the interactions between components and the grid under realistic conditions. Potential devices under test range from inverters, storage units, grid controllers and CHP units to charging stations for electric vehicles.

electric vehicle charging station with an AIT branded car

Grid interoperability and conformance testing for EV charging infrastructure

The Flexible Electric Vehicle and Equipment Laboratory (FlexEVELab) provides the perfect framework to evaluate the interactions between EV, EVSE, the electric power system and the ICT environment of the smart grid. This feature has been generated by a unique Hardware In the Loop setup that allows to directly couple the simulation environment of the FlexEVELab with real hardware equipment.

AIT branded circuit board

AIT smart grid converter

The AIT Smart Grid Converter is designed for today‘s Smart Grid and emerging Low Inertia Micro Grid applications. With its highly reliable cooling concept designed to ensure long life time, broad range of connectivity options: IEC61850, ModBus TCP, SunSpec, and modular and stackable concept of increased power handling capability, the AIT Smart Grid Converter presents a perfect Smart Grid fit.

UPS batteries

Performance of PV storage systems

Independent test of PV Storage Systems according to the BVES-Efficiency Guideline (BVES-Effizienzleitfaden für PV-Speichersysteme).  Building on extensive laboratory infrastructure and 20 years experience in PV converter testing AIT offers independent high quality testing of PV storage systems according to the BVES-efficiency guideline. The test-portfolio comprises full-scale performance evaluation of power conversion equipment, battery and the control system for DC, AC and PV generator coupled systems in the kW- up to MW-class range.

current clamps

Stationary storage development

System design and development for stationary storage on component and system level including simulation and rapid prototyping approaches. System design considering power and energy (density), cell selection for module and package prototyping. BMS, thermal management and safety aspects 1D, 3D, and co-simulation on material, cell and pack level. Model-supported materials development and processing incl. electrode formulation, engineering and evaluation in different cell configurations.

current measurement device

Stationary storage qualification

Evaluation of full systems or components regarding performance, safety, durability and grid integration with high power, high dynamics test benches on component and system level. Accredited testing of electrical, mechanical, environmental and safety aspects according to IEC 61427, IEC 62133, IEC 62281, IEC 60068-2, UN38.3, ISO 9227, EN 1097-6; ISO 9277 and ISO 13317. Testing of functionality and functional safety with hardware-in-the-loop test bench and real system under controlled conditions. Components and cells diagnostic using multi-directional metrology incl. post-mortem analysis and in-situ technics