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Wissenschaftliche Exzellenz 
präsentiert am AIT STAND 8C50

Messe VISION  | 4.-5.Oktober 2022 

Die SCIENTIFIC VISION DAYS sind die etablierte Vortragsreihe des AIT Austrian Institute of Technology und seiner Partner. Expert:innen aus Wissenschaft und angewandter Forschung präsentieren Spitzentechnologien rund um das Thema Machine Vision.

Die diesjährigen Themen sind u.a. 3D Vision, High Speed Imaging, Inline Computational Imaging, Deep Learning  sowie das Testen von Bildverarbeitungssystemen.


Scientific VISION Days Programm 2022

Dienstag, 04.10.2022

10:00 Inspecting Soft Biological Materials Using X-Rays for 3D Insight Philipp Schneider AIT & University of Southampton 
10:20 Fast and High-Resolution UV Imaging with SVS-Vistek's New Camera fxo487 Yvan Eilers SVS Vistek
10:40 Imaging with 600 kHz - enabling for new high performance vision solutions Petra Thanner AIT & TU Wien
11:00 Integration of Spectroscopic Inspection for In-Line Quality Control Victor Izquierdo IREC-CERCA
11:20 High-Speed Imaging and Processing at the Edge Max Scholz Mikrotron
11:40 On the Significant Benefits of Release 4 of the EMVA Standard 1288 for Modern Camera Characterization Bernd Jähne EMVA





13:00 AI without Labelers  Luigi Di Stefano University of Bologna
13:20 Responsible Introduction of AI in Industrial Inspection Processes Christian Kapeller AIT 
13:40 AI vs. Classical Machine Vision Alkhazur Manakov Imago Technologies
14:00 RiSPECT | Quality Inspection of Translucent Micro-Structured Functional Surfaces Lukas Traxler AIT
14:20 Smart 3D Surface Inspection with xposure:photometry Ernst Bodenstorfer AIT
14:40 3D Visualization and Analysis for Additive Manufacturing Harald Steinlechner Aardworx
15:00 flex:inspect  | How to Deal with Deformations in Surface Inspection Franz Daubner AIT


Mittwoch, 05.10.2022

10:00 Point Light Modeling for the Photometric Stereo Problem Roberto Mecca Toshiba Europe
10:20 MotionCam-3D Color | The Technological Silver Bullet for Modern Machine Vision Challenges Svorad Stolc Photoneo
10:40 Measurement Accuracy in High-Speed 3D Inline Microscopy Lukas Traxler AIT
11:00 Smart 3D Surface Inspection with xposure:photometry Ernst Bodenstorfer AIT
11:20 An Exposition of Pioneering Optical Advancements for Inline Computational Imaging Doris Antensteiner AIT
11:40 GPU-Based Digital Image Correlation System for Real-Time Material Testing Applications Andreas Blug Fraunhofer IPM




13:00 Transfer Learning for Automated Quality Inspection Florian Kromp SCCH
13:20 VISAGE | A TinyML ASIC Allowing Solar-Powered Face Analysis at the Edge Petar Jokic CSEM
13:40 Responsible Introduction of AI in Industrial Inspection Processes Christian Kapeller AIT
14:00 Quantification of Second Phase Particles in Metals Using Deep Learning | Segmentation of Nanoscale Dispersoids in Aluminum Alloys Aurel Arnoldt LKR
14:40 AI-Supported and Model-Based Augmented Reality in Industrial Environments Fabian Rücker Fraunhofer IGD
15:00 Battery Foil Inspection with Inline-Photometry and AI Philipp Schneider AIT