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Wissenschaftliche Publikationen (peer reviewed)

Die Expert*innen des AIT Center for Digital Safety & Security  publizieren regelmäßig in Journals mit hohem Impact Faktor sowie großer Relevanz und breiter Sichtbarkeit.  Die folgende Auflistung ist ein Auszug ausgewählter Publikationen mit Verlinkungen auf weiterführende Informationen.

Publikationen in Peer Reviewed Journals with SCI


Autor*innen Titel Quelle
B. Aichernig, P. Bauerstätter, E. Jöbstl, S. Kann, R. Korosec, W. Krenn, C. Mateis, R. Schlick, R. Schumi "Learning and statistical model checking of system response times" Software Quality Journal, 27 (2019), S. 757 - 795
X. Cheng, M. Sarihan, K. Chang, Y. Lee, F. Laudenbach, H. Ye, Z. Yu, C. Wong "Design of spontaneous parametric down-conversion in integrated hybrid SixNy-PPLN waveguides" Optics Express, 27 (2019), S. 30773
A. Fellner, W. Krenn, R. Schlick, T. Tarrach, G. Weissenbacher "Model-based, Mutation-driven Test-case Generation Via Heuristic-guided Branching Search" ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 1 (2019), 18; S. 4:1 - 4:28
T. Ferrère, O. Maler, D. Nickovic, A. Pnueli "From Real-time Logic to Timed Automata" Journal of ACM, 66 (2019), 3; S. 1 - 31
W. Frühwirt, G. Dorffner, S. Roberts, M. Gerstgrasser, D. Grossegger, R. Schmidt, P. Dal-Bianco, G. Ransmayr, H. Garn, M. Waser, T. Benke "Associations of event-related brain potentials and Alzheimer´s disease severity: A longitudinal study" Progress In Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry, 92 (2019), S. 31 - 38
M. Gall, B. Kohn, C Wiesmeyr, R. van Sluijs, E. Wilhelm, Q. Rondei, L. Jäger, P. Achermann, H. Landolt, O. Jenni, R. Riener, H. Garn, C. Hill "A Novel Approach to Assess Sleep-Related Rhythmic Movement Disorder in Children Using Automatic 3D Analysis" Frontiers in Psychiatry, 10 (2019), S. 709
T. Gruber, L. Pomante, V. Muttillo, B. Krena, T. Vojnar, F. Veljkovic, P. Magnin, M. Matschnig, B. Fischer, J. Martinez "The AQUAS ECSEL Project Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems: Co-Engineering Inside and Across the Product Life Cycle" Microprocessors and Microsystems, 69 (2019), S. 54 - 67
N. Holighaus, C Wiesmeyr, P. Zdenek "A class of warped filter bank frames tailored to non-linear frequency scales" Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications, 26 (2020), 1; S. 22 - 59
F. Laudenbach, B. Schrenk, Ch. Pacher, M. Hentschel, C. Fung, F. Karinou, A. Poppe, M. Peev, H. Hübel "Pilot-assisted intradyne reception for high-speed continuous-variable quantum key distribution with true local oscillator" Quantum, 3 (2019), S. 193
J. Nurmi, K. Knittle, T. Ginchev, F. Khattak, C. Helf, P. Zwickl, C. Castellano-Tejedor, P. Lusilla-Palacios, J. Costa-Requena, N. Revaja, A. Haukkala "Engaging Users in the Behavior Change Process With Digitalized Motivational Interviewing and Gamification: Development and Feasibility Testing of the Precious App" JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 8 (2020), 1; S. 1 - 30
A. Preinerstorfer, H. Humer "FCC Physics Opportunities" European Physical Journal C, 79:474 (2019), S. 1 - 161
A. Preinerstorfer, H. Humer "FCC-ee: The Lepton Collider-Future Circular Collider Conceptual Design Report Volume 2" European Physical Journal-Special Topics, The European Physics Journal Special Topics (2019), 228:2; S. 261 - 623
C. Sanchez, G. Schneider, W. Ahrendt, E. Bartocci, D. Bianculli, C. Colombo, Y. Falcone, A. Francalanza, S. Krstic, J. Lourenco, D. Nickovic, G. Pace, J. Rufino, J. Signoles, D. Traytel, A. Weiss "A survey of challenges for runtime verification from advanced application domains (beyond software)" Formal Methods in System Design, 3 (2019), 54; S. 279 - 335
E. Schoitsch, D. Schneider, J. Braband, S. Uhrig, S. Katzenbeisser "Safety and Security Coengineering in Embedded Systems (Editorial)" Security And Communication Networks, Special Issue (2019), 2 S.
B. Schrenk, F. Karinou "Analog Coherent TDMA Receiver With Fast Locking to Free-Running Optical Emitters [Top-Scored]" Journal Of Lightwave Technology, 38 (2020), 2; S. 379 - 385
B. Schrenk, F. Karinou "Photonic Add-Drop-Gate Node Element Based on EML Technology" Journal Of Lightwave Technology, Vol 37, No. 16 (2019), 16; S. 3979 - 3986
S. Seidel, H. Garn, M. Gall, B. Kohn, C Wiesmeyr, M. Waser, C. Coronel, A. Stefanic-Kejik, M. Böck, M. Wimmer, M. Mandl, B. Högl, G. Klösch "Contactless detection of periodic leg movements during sleep: A 3D video pilot study" Journal of Sleep Research, 1 (2020), 8 S.
R Stütz "Methodological considerations with data uncertainty in road safety analysis" Accident Analysis and Prevention, 130 (2019), S. 136 - 150
M. Waser, T. Benke, P. Dal-Bianco, H. Garn, J. Mosbacher, G. Ransmayr, R. Schmidt, S. Seiler, H. Sorensen, P. Jennum "Neuroimaging markers of global cognition in early Alzheimer's disease: A magnetic resonance imaging - electroencephalography study" Brain and Behavior, 9:e01197 (2019), S. 1 - 11
C Wiesmeyr, M. Litzenberger, M. Waser, A. Papp, H. Garn, G. Neunteufel, H. Döller "Real-Time Train Tracking from Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data" Applied Sciences, 10 (2020), 10; S. 448 - 450
T. Zemen, D. Löschenbrand, M. Hofer, Ch. Pacher, B. Rainer "Orthogonally precoded massive MIMO for high mobility scenarios" IEEE Access, 7 (2019), 1; S. 132979 - 132990

Publikationen in Peer Reviewed Journals ohne SCI


Autor*innen Titel Quelle
C. Coronel, C Wiesmeyr, H. Garn, B. Kohn "Measurement of respiratory effort in sleep by 3D camera and respiratory inductance plethysmography" Somnologie, 23 (2019), S. 86 - 92
M. Drobics "IoT-Security - Künstliche Intelligenz als Enabler des Internets der Dinge" e&i elektrotechnik und informationstechnik, 06 (2019), 2 S.
S. Krenn, J. Bieliauskaite, A. Karyda, E. Rios, G. Suciu "TRUSTEE - Data Privacy and Cloud Security Cluster Europe" ERCIM News, 114 (2018), S. 37
W. Krenn "Sicherheit vernetzter, hochautomatisierter Roboter" Elektrotechnik & Informationstechnik, 136 (2019), S. 307 - 312
F. Laudenbach, Ch. Pacher "Pilot-assisted intradyne reception for high-speed continuous-variable quantum key distribution with true local oscillator" Advanced Quantum Technologies, 2 (2019), 11; S. 1900055
H. Leopold "Innovation durch Kultur und Kommunikation" e&i elektrotechnik und informationstechnik, Vol 136 (2019), S. 1
H. Leopold "Social media and corporate innovation management-Eight rules to form an innovative organisation" e&i elektrotechnik und informationstechnik, Ausgabe 3 (2019)
S. Schauer, N. Polemi, M. Haralambos "MITIGATE: a dynamic supply chain cyber risk assessment methodology" Journal of Transportation Security, vol 12 (2019), S. 1 - 35
C. Schmittner, M. Latzenhofer, S. Abdelkader, A. Bonitz, M. Hofer "Towards a Comprehensive Automotive Cybersecurity Reference Architecture" International Journal on Advances in Security, 3 & 4 (2019), S. 1 - 12
E. Schoitsch, M. Hälker-Küsters "Smart Things Everywhere" ERCIM News, 119 (2019), Oktober; S. 6 - 41
E. Schoitsch, M. Hälker-Küsters "Smart Things Everywhere (Introduction to the Special Theme)" ERCIM News, 119 (2019), Oktober; S. 6 - 7
R. Simon, V. Vitale, R. Kahn, E. Barker, L. Isaksen "Revisiting Linking Early Geospatial Documents with Recogito" e-Perimetron Journal, Vol. 14 (2019), S. 152 - 163
F. Skopik "National Cyber Security Sensor Networks and the Human in the Loop" Journal of Information Warfare, 18 (2019), S. 1 - 14
F. Skopik, S. Filip "A blueprint and proof-of-concept for a national cyber security sensor network" International Journal on Cyber Situational Awareness, 4 (2019), S. 155 - 184
F. Skopik, T. Pahi "Under false flag: Using technical artifacts for cyber attack attribution" Springer Cybersecurity, 3 (2020), S. 1 - 20
M. Vignoli, J. Rörden "Why We Need Open Science Communication Experts" Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare, 72(2) (2019), 2; S. 284 - 296