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Location Planning for Bike-Sharing Systems

Choosing the optimum placement and size of bike-sharing stations when introducing or expanding a bike-sharing system is a complex task for traffic planners. In operating these systems, issues like the ideal redistribution and the maintenance of bicycles need to be considered. At the moment, planning and operation of bike-sharing schemes are mainly separated and done manually.

In PlanBiSS suitable indicators, methods and strategies to support on the one hand planning experts in their daily tasks and on the other hand public institutions in decision making when they consider introducing bike-sharing are developed. A holistic approach, which includes estimation of potential demand, location planning, bicycle distribution logistics and maintenance works, is applied.

After finishing the project, a set of methods and strategies will be available which guides potential bike-sharing planners and operators in both the implementation stage and the operational concerns. Furthermore, the project partners will be able to support these potential bike-sharing operators.