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Johann Schrammel

 Johann Schrammel




Technology Experience

Competence Unit

Experience Contexts and Tools




+43 50550 4540


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Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Capturing Experience

Main Research: HCI for Sustainability, Persuasion

Experience: Johann Schrammel studied education science, sociology and group dynamics, holds a Master degree in adult education from University of Graz and is a skilled trainer for team and organizational development, professionally trained in group dynamics with experience as group moderator. Johann is active in the field of HCI for more than ten years and is the author of more than 50 peer-reviewed publications. He has successfully led numerous national and international research projects, focusing on different topics such as interacting with intelligent systems, information visualization, persuasion and user experience.

  • 2014-now: Scientist
    Austrian Institute of Technology / Austria
  • 2001-2014: Researcher
    CURE - Center for Usability Research and Engineering / Austria


  • Watch your Emissions: Persuasive Strategies and Choice Architecture for Sustainable Decisions in Urban Mobility
    Author(s): Bothos, Efthimios, Prost, Sebastian, Schrammel, Johann, Röderer, Kathrin and Mentzas, Gregoris
    Journal: PsychNology Journal, 12(3) (2014) ; 107-126
  • Comparison of Travel Diaries Generated from Smartphone Data and Dedicated GPS Devices
    Author(s): Montini, Lara, Prost, Sebastian, Schrammel, Johann, Rieser-Schüssler, Nadine, Axhausen, Kay W.
    Journal: Transportation Research Procedia, 11 (2015) ; 227–241
  • EdgeBraille: Braille-Based Text Input for Touch Devices.
    Author(s): Mattheiss, Elke, Regal, Georg, Schrammel, Johann, Garschall, Markus, Tscheligi, Manfred.
    Journal: Journal of Assistive Technologies, 9(3) (2015) ; 147 - 158
  • Patterns in the Clouds – The Effects of Clustered Presentation on Tag Cloud Interaction.;
    Building Bridges – HCI, Visualization, and Cognitive Ergonomics

    Author(s): Schrammel, Johann, and Tscheligi, Manfred.
    Publisher: ; 2014
  • Attentional Behavior of Users on the Move towards Pervasive Advertising Media.;
    Pervasive Advertising

    Author(s): Schrammel, Johann, Mattheiss, Elke, Döbelt, Susen, Paletta, Lucas, Almer, Alexander and Tscheligi, Manfred.
    Publisher: ; 2011
  • Comparing Different Layouts of Tag Clouds: Findings on Visual Perception;
    Human Aspects of Visualization

    Author(s): Deutsch, Stephanie, Schrammel, Johann and Tscheligi, Manfred
    Publisher: Springer; 2010
    Series: ; Lecture Notes in Computer Science
  • Using Narration to recall and analyse user experience and emotions evoked by today’s technology;
    Design & Emotion

    Author(s): Schrammel, J., Geven, A., Leitner, M. & Tscheligi, M.
    Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Press; 2008
    Series: Desmet, P. M. A., Karlsson, M. A. K. & van Erp, J.
  • FacetClouds: Exploring Tag Clouds for Multi-Dimensional Data.
    Author(s): Waldner, Manuela, Schrammel, Johann, Klein, Michael, Kristjansdottir, Katrin, Unger, Dominik and Tscheligi, Manfred.
  • Personalized Persuasive Technology – Development and Validation of Scales for Measuring Persuadability.
    Author(s): Busch, Marc, Schrammel, Johann and Tscheligi, Manfred.
  • FORE-Watch – The clock that tells you when to use: Persuading users to align their energy consumption with green power availability.
    Author(s): Schrammel, Johann, Gerdenitsch, Cornelia, Weiss, Astrid, Kluckner, Patricia and Tscheligi, Manfred.
  • How much do you tell? Information Disclosure Behavior in Different Types of Online Communities.
    Author(s): Schrammel, Johann, Köffel, Christina & Tscheligi, Manfred.
  • Semantically Structured Tag Clouds: An Empirical Evaluation of Clustered Presentation Approaches.
    Author(s): Schrammel, Johann, Leitner, Michael & Tscheligi, Manfred.
  • Look!: using the gaze direction of embodied agents.
    Author(s): Schrammel, Johann, Geven, Arjan, Sefelin, Reinhard & Tscheligi, Manfred.
  • Comparison of Travel Diaries Generated from Smartphone Data and Dedicated GPS Devices
    Author(s): Montini, Lara, Prost, Sebastian, Schrammel, Johann, Rieser-Schüssler, Nadine, Axhausen, Kay W
  • Tablet, Gestures, Remote Control? Influence of Age on Performance and User Experience with iTV Applications.
    Author(s): Bobeth, Jan, Schrammel, Johann, Deutsch, Stephanie, Klein, Michael, Drobics, Mario, Hochleitner, Christina and Tscheligi, Manfred
  • Dots and Letters: Accessible Braille-based Text Input for Visually Impaired People on Mobile Touchscreen Devices
    Author(s): Mattheiss, Elke, Regal, Georg, Schrammel, Johann, Garschal, Markus and Tscheligi, Manfred
  • Capturing Mobile Experiences: Context- and Time-Triggered In-Situ Questionnaires on a Smartphone
    Author(s): Capatu, Matei, Regal, Georg, Schrammel, Johann, Mattheiss, Elke, Kramer, Mark, Batalas, Nikolaos, and Tscheligi, Manfred
  • Exploring Persuasion in the Home: Results of a Long-Term Study on Energy Consumption Behavior
    Author(s): Kluckner, Patricia, Weiss, Astrid, Schrammel, Johann and Tscheligi, Manfred
  • Creating Persuasive Technologies for Sustainability – Identifying Barriers Limiting Target Behavior
    Author(s): Gerdenitsch, Cornelia, Schrammel, Johann, Döbelt, Susen and Tscheligi, Manfred
  • Added Value of In-Situ Methods in Usability Evaluation of a Self-Service Ticketing Machine with a View on Elderly Users: A Case Study
    Author(s): Mattheiss, Elke E., Schrammel, Johann and Tscheligi, Manfred
  • Directed Cultural Probes: Detecting Barriers in the Usage of Public Transportation
    Author(s): Schmehl, Susanne, Deutsch, Stephanie, Schrammel, Johann, Paletta, Lucas and Tscheligi, Manfred
  • Supporting domestic energy reduction via persuasive technology
    Author(s): Gerdenitsch, Cornelia, Schrammel, Johann, Reitberger, Wolfgang and Tscheligi, Manfred
  • Navigating the Space: Evaluating a 3D-Input Device in Placement and Docking Tasks
    Author(s): Mattheiss, Elke, Schrammel, Johann and Tscheligi, Manfred
  • Exploring the Possibilities of Body Motion Data for Human Computer Interaction Research.
    Author(s): Schrammel, J., Paletta, L. & Tscheligi, M.
  • Visual Search Strategies of Tag Clouds – Results from an Eyetracking Study
    Author(s): Schrammel, J., Deutsch, S. & Tscheligi, M.
  • Personality Traits, Usage Patterns and Information Disclosure in Online Communities.
    Author(s): Schrammel, J., Köffel, C. & Tscheligi, M.
  • Cell Phone Design for Teenage Use
    Author(s): Geven, A., Schrammel, J., Tscheligi, M. & Mayer, M.
  • Experiences Evoked by Today’s Technology – Results from a Qualitative Empirical Study
    Author(s): Schrammel, J. & Tscheligi, M.
  • Interacting with embodied agents that can see: how vision-enabled agents can assist in spatial tasks
    Author(s): Geven, A., Schrammel, J. & Tscheligi, M.
  • Usability Evaluations for Multi-Device Application Development. Three Example Studies
    Author(s): Giller, V., Melcher, R., Schrammel, J., Sefelin, R. & Tscheligi, M.
  • Experimental Evaluation of Semantic Depth of Field, a Preattentive Method for Focus+Context Visualization
    Author(s): Schrammel, J., Giller, V., Tscheligi, M., Kosara, R., Miksch, S. & Hauser, H.
  • Tailored usability engineering methods and tools
    Author(s): Schrammel, J., Giller, V. & Tscheligi, M.
  • Useful properties of Semantic Depth of Field for better F+C visualization
    Author(s): Kosara, R., Miksch, S., Hauser, H., Schrammel, J., Giller, V. & Tscheligi, M.
  • Empirical Usability Studies on User Interface-Modules and Elements: A Prerequisite of Usable Applications Specifically Tailored to Different Mobile Devices
    Author(s): Tscheligi, M., Giller, V., Sefelin, R., Lamm, C., Melcher, R. & Schrammel, J.

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