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Doris Schartinger

 Doris Schartinger




Innovation Systems & Policy

Competence Unit

Innovation Systems & Policy




+43 50550 4570


+43 50550 4599


Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna


Field: Innovation Dynamics and Modelling

Main Research: Innovation policy and management; theories, empirics and practice


Doris Schartinger graduated in Economics and works as a scientist in the Innovation Systems Department. Her primary research focus is on the economics of innovation and technological change. Doris has been involved in a number of research projects ranging from theoretical and empirical studies of innovation, and on questions of technology management and technology strategy at the firm level, to managerial and policy dimensions of these issues. She uses traditional tools such as survey analysis, case studies, but also group and prospective methodologies. In the past she covered many aspects of innovation processes and diffusion in private manufacturing firms, public organisations, public-private networks – currently she is particularly interested in service innovation considering the increasing tertiarization and resulting dependence of economies on innovation dynamics in the service economy. Recent projects concentrated on innovation in the health care service system, and intellectual property rights as indicators for innovation. She has been involved in a number of contract research projects for different clients including various Austrian Ministries, the OECD and the European Commission and is experienced in co-ordinating and managing such projects.


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  • Assessing immediate learning impacts of large foresight processes
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  • Personal Health Systems Technologies: Critical Issues in Service Innovation and Diffusion
    Author(s): Schartinger, D., Miles, I., Saritas, O., Amanatidou, E., Giesecke, S., Heller-Schuh, B., Pompo-Juarez, L., Schreier, G.
    Journal: Innovation Management Review, 5 (2) (2015) ; 46-57
  • The Co-Creation of Multi-Agent Social Innovations: A Bridge Between Service and Social Innovation Research
    Author(s): Windrum, P., Schartinger, D., Rubalcaba, L., Gallouj, F. and Toivonen, M
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  • An institutional analysis of innovation in healthcare services;
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    Author(s): Schartinger D.
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  • Österreichische Universitäten: Wohin führt die "Modernisierung";
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  • Personal Health Systems Foresight: Visions on Innovations and Societal Demands
    Author(s): Modre-Ospiran, R., Pompo-Juarez, L., Könnölä, K., Amanatidou, E., Giesecke, S., Miles, I. Saritas, O., Schartinger, D. and Schreier, G.
    Conference Med-e-Tel 2014 - THE INTERNATIONAL eHEALTH, TELEMEDICINE AND HEALTH ICT FORUM For Education, Networking and Business, Luxembourg
  • Institutional Work and the Development of Patient-Centred Education in Hospitals
    Author(s): Schartinger, D., Waring, J. and Windrum, P.
    Conference Oslo Paper Workshop for the Special Issue in Research Policy on "Innovation and Hospitals", Oslo
  • Trademarks and service innovation
    Author(s): Schartinger, D., Womser, T.
    Conference 23rd international RESER conference, Aix-en-Provence
  • Mapping qualitative indirect impacts on a technology foresight community
    Author(s): Palensky, B., Holste, D., Züger, M.-E., Schartinger, D., Wilhelmer, D. and Hörlesberger, M.
    Conference IAMOT 2012 - International Association for Management of Technology, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Personal health systems technologies and service systems
    Author(s): Schartinger Doris, Effie Amanatidou, Barbara Heller-Schuh, Susanne Giesecke, Ian Miles, Laura Pombo-Juarez, Özcan Saritas, Günter Schreier
    Conference 24th international RESER conference, Heslinki, Finland
  • Social innovation in Austrian health care: a conceptual approach.
    Author(s): Schartinger, D. (2015)
    Conference 25th Annual RESER Conference , Copenhagen
    Proceedings Sundbo, J., Fuglsang, L., Sörensen, F. and Balsby, N.; Innovative Services in the 21st Century

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