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Researcher Profile

DI Zoran Miletic

DI Zoran Miletic


Senior Research Engineer



Competence Unit

Electric Energy Systems




+43 505506390


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Power System Planning and Operation

Main Research: Power Electronics Design

Experience: Key research topics and expertise: - Detailed design calclulation of power electronics converters - Multi-level power converter topologies – architecture and design - Grid power converters for Smart grid applications – analysis, design and implementation - Simulation and modeling of power electorinics converters & power systems - Control strategies and algorithms for power electronics converters and power conversion systems - Pulse width modulation (PWM) for power electronics converters - Hardware-in-loop (HIL) power electronics converters and systems emulation - High frequency magnetics and filters design - Soft switching, quasi-resonant and resonant power converters Applications: - Photovoltaic (Solar) Energy Systems High power three-phase utility scale grid-tie inverters Single/three phase transformer-less grid-tie inverters Grid interactive solar systems with storage/self-consumption Off-grid/Hybrid solar systems - Wind Energy Systems - Alternative & Emerging Electrical Grid Systems Micro/Remote Grids Hybrid Grids Smart Grids Power system ancillary services FACTS - Energy Storage

  • Since 2013: Senior Member IEEE, Power Electronics Society


  • Suitability of silicon carbide diodes in buck converters with high input voltages and high voltage conversion ratios
    Author(s): Radic, A. ; Miletic, Z. ; Garabandic, D.
    Journal: Industrial Electronics, IECON (2008)
  • Steady-state model including conduction and switching losses of isolated full-bridge center-tapped current-fed buck converter
    Author(s): Radic, A. ; Miletic, Z. ; Garabandic, D.
    Journal: Electrical and Computer Engineering, CCECE (2008)
  • Method and apparatus for exporting power in a renewable energy system employing a battery charger US 8076907 B2, US 20100033124 A1
    Inventor: Sau Ngosi , Trevor Monk and Zoran Miletic
    Submission Date: 06.08.2008
    Issue Date: 11.02.2010
  • Perturb voltage as a decreasing non-linear function of converter power US 20100176771 A1 US 8461820 B2
    Inventor: Jeff Fieldhouse and Zoran Miletic
    Submission Date: 15.01.2009
    Issue Date: 11.06.2013
  • Fuse continuity detection US 8760170 B2
    Inventor: Ralph McDiarmid , Zoran Miletic
    Submission Date: 28.01.2011
    Issue Date: 24.06.2014

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