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Researcher Profile

DI Dr. Karin Markvica MA

DI Dr. Karin Markvica MA





Competence Unit

Digital Resilient Cities


Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna


Field: Climate Resilient Urban Pathways

Main Research: Climate-resilient Urban Pathways

Experience: • acquisition and coordination of national and international research projects • research in the field of human factors in passenger and freight transport • human and transport-related aspects in urban areas and regions • stakeholder engagement formats • integration of new technologies/infrastructures into the transport network • consulting in the field of transport planning and spatial planning

  • 2014-: Researcher
    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH / Austria
  • 2012-2014: Project manager, case worker
    nast consulting ZT GmbH / Austria
  • 2012-2012: Case worker
    Ingenieurbüro DI. Dr. techn. Friedrich Nadler / Austria
  • 2010-2012: Program manager and project assistant (freelancer)
    s Objektmanagement GmbH / Erste Group Bank AG / Austria
  • 2018: Summer-Award of the FFG 2018 (project “inned - Innovative Network Design”, consortium leader)
  • 2017: VCÖ Mobility Award in the category "Active Mobility and Public Space" 2017 (project "Smarter Together", project member)
  • 2016: Autumn-Award of the FFG 2016 (project "Q4 - Quattromodal Nodes”, project member)
  • 2020: Shortlisted as Young Researcher of the Year 2020 (ITF Award)
  • 2020: Shortlisted for the ÖGUT Environmental Award 2020 (project “youth codes”, project member)


  • Accelerating Transition Dynamics in City Regions: A Qualitative Modeling Perspective
    Author(s): P. Valkering, G. Yücel, E. Gebetsroither-Geringer, K. Markvica, E. Meynaerts, N. Frantzeskaki
    Journal: Sustainability, 9(7): 1254 (2017) ; 1 - 20
  • On the Development of a Sustainable and Fit-for-the-Future Transportation Network
    Author(s): K. Markvica, B. Hu, M. Prandtstetter, U. Ritzinger, J. Zajicek, C. Berkowitsch, G. Hauger, S. Pfoser, T. Berger, S. Eitler, R. Schodl
    Journal: Infrastructures, 3(3) (2018) ; 1-10
  • Impact of urban street lighting on road users´ perception of public space and mobility behavior
    Author(s): K. Markvica, G. Richter, G. Lenz
    Journal: Building and Environment, 154 (2019) ; 32-43
  • Implementing a quattromodal freight hub: an approach for the city of Vienn
    Author(s): K. Markvica, M. Prandtstetter, J. Zajicek, B. Heilmann, G. Lenz et al.
    Journal: European Transport Research Review, 11(34) (2019) ; 1-16
  • Promoting active mobility behavior by addressing information target groups: The case of Austria
    Author(s): K. Markvica, A. Millonig, N. Haufe, M. Leodolter
    Journal: Journal of Transport Geography, 83 (2020) ; 1-13
  • Behavioural Biases Distorting the Demand for Environmentally Friendly Freight Transport Modes: An Overview and Potential Measures
    Author(s): V. Stockhammer, S. Pfoser, K. Markvica, J. Zajicek, M. Prandstetter
    Journal: Sustainability, 13 (2021) ; 1-36
  • Impacts of COVID-19 and pandemic control measures on public transport ridership in European urban areas – The cases of Vienna, Innsbruck, Oslo, and Agder
    Author(s): S. Rasca, K. Markvica, B. P. Ivanschitz
    Journal: Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 10 (2021) ; 1-16
  • Capturing potential for active mobility: A multi-level survey analysis incorporating associated meanings
    Author(s): C. Rudloff, K. Markvica, M. Wunsch
    Conference 7th Transport Research Arena TRA 2018, Vienna
  • Public Transport Passenger Count Forecasting in Pandemic Scenarios Using Regression Tsetlin Machine. Case Study of Agder, Norway
    Author(s): K. D. Abeyrathna, S. Rasca, K. Markvica, O. C. Granmo
    Conference 4th KES International Symposium, Online
    Proceedings Springer; Smart Transport Systems 2021. Proceedings of the 4th KES-STS International Symposium; 27-37
  • E-Scooter als environmentally friendly last mile option? Insights on spatial and infrastructural implications for urban areas based on the example of Vienna
    Author(s): K. Markvica, K. Schwieger, M. Aleksa
    Conference Real Corp 2020, Aachen (Online)
  • Mobility related trends and their implications on providing future-proof road networks
    Author(s): K. Markvica, G. Lenz, M. Reinthaler, J. Asamer, S. Seer, M Binder
    Conference TRA2020, Helsinki (canceled)

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