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Researcher Profile

Anna Kozlowska

 Anna Kozlowska


Junior Research Engineer



Competence Unit

Digital Resilient Cities


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Smart and Carbon Neutral Urban Development

Main Research: Urban data analyses, spatio-temporal analyses, urban planning

Experience: Anna studied Urban Area Development and Planning and she holds a MSc in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics (CASA, UCL) where her main focus laid on analysing behavioural, temporal and spatial aspects of urban data. She is interested in exploration and implementation of spatial data analyses and visualisation methods in the context of urban planning and cities development.


  • Urban Activity Detection Using Geo-located Twitter Data
    Author(s): A. Kozlowska, K. Steinnocher
    Journal: GI_Forum Journal for Geographic Information Science, 1 (2020) ; 15 - 31
  • Urban Land Use and Food Supply: the Example of Vienna
    Author(s): L. Kaufmann, B. Smetschka, K. Erb, A. Kozlowska, E. Gebetsroither-Geringer
  • Qualitative Assessment Methodology for Positive Energy District Planning Guidelines
    Author(s): H. Neumann, S. Garayo, N. Gaitani, D. Vettorato, L. Aelenei, J. Borsboom, G. Etminan, A. Kozlowska, F. Reda, J. Rose, P. Tuominen

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