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Researcher Profile

Dr. Attila Havas

Dr. Attila Havas


Senior Scientist


Innovation Systems & Policy

Competence Unit

Innovation Systems & Policy


Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna


Field: Societal Futures

Main Research: Evolutionary economics of innovation; Innovation systems; STI policies; Foresight; Social Innovation

Experience: I have participated in numerous international research projects on STI policies, innovation and transition, social innovation, as well as on foresight and prospective analyses, advised foresight programmes in several countries, been a member of EU expert groups, and invited speaker at international conferences. In 1997–2000 I was Programme Director of TEP, the Hungarian Technology Foresight Programme, providing methodological support, and focusing on STI policy implications. Previously had worked for IKU, Innovation Research Centre, Budapest University of Economics (1990–1997) and for other research institutes in the field of industrial economics and industrial policy (1983–1989). Besides Hungary, I studied and conducted research at INTECH, UN University, Maastricht; SPRU, University of Sussex; PREST, University of Manchester; MERIT, University of Maastricht; and London School of Economics.

  • 2021-now: Senior scientist
    AIT / Austria
  • 2001-now: Senior research fellow
    Institute of Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies / Hungary
  • 2001-2003: Researcher
    INTECH, Institute for New Technologies, UN University / The Netherlands
  • 1997-2001: Programme director
    TEP, Technology Foresight Programme / Hungary
  • 1991-1997: Research fellow
    IKU, Innovation Research Centre, Budapest University of Economics / Hungary
  • 1987-1991: Lecturer-researcher
    National Management Development Centre / Hungary
  • 1983-1986: Junior researcher
    Institute of Industrial Economics / Hungary


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  • Einbinden, um aufzuholen: die Erweiterung in der Forschungs- and Technologiepolitik
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  • Devising Futures for Universities in a Multi-level Structure: A methodological experiment
    Author(s): Havas A
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  • Types of knowledge and diversity of business-academia collaborations: implications for measurement and policy
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  • Social and business innovations: are common measurement approaches possible?
    Author(s): Havas A
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  • Multiple futures for society, research, and innovation in the European Union: jumping to 2038
    Author(s): Daimer S, Havas A, Cuhls K, Yorulmaz M, Vrgovic P
    Journal: Journal of Responsible Innovation, 8 (2) (2021) ; 148–174
  • Trajectories of Social Innovation: Tackling Marginalization with a Complex Approach;
    Creating Economic Space for Social Innovation

    Author(s): Molnár Gy, Havas A
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    Series: Nicholls A, Ziegler R
  • Trajectories of Social Innovation: Housing for All?;
    Creating Economic Space for Social Innovation

    Author(s): Schimpf G-C, Mildenberger G, Giesecke S, Havas A
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    Series: Nicholls A, Ziegler R
  • Social Innovation Policy;
    Creating Economic Space for Social Innovation

    Author(s): von Jacobi N, Nicholls A, Edmiston D, Havas A, Kubeczko K, Molnár Gy, Mildenberger G, Schimpf G-C
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  • The Extended Social Grid Model Revisited;
    Creating Economic Space for Social Innovation

    Author(s): Ziegler, R; Nicholls, A; Aro, J; van Beers, C; Chiappero-Martinetti, E; Edmiston, D; Havas, A; Heiskala, R; von Jacobi, N; Kubeczko, K et al.
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  • Social and business innovations: linked in practice – but two worlds apart in theorising?;
    Atlas of Social Innovation, 2nd Volume: a World of New Practices

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: oekoem verlag; München; 2019; 34–37
    Series: Howaldt J, Kaletka C, Schröder A
  • The role of foresight in shaping the next production revolution;
    The Next Production Revolution: Implications for Governments and Business

    Author(s): Havas A, Weber KM
    Publisher: OECD; Paris; 2017; 299–324
    Series: OECD
  • Trapped by the High-tech Myth: The need and chances for a new policy rationale;
    Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship in Low-Tech Industries

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Edward Elgar; Cheltenham; 2014; 193–217
    Series: Kreinsen H, Schwinge I
  • Multiple futures for higher education in a multi-level structure;
    European higher education at the crossroads: Between the Bologna Process and national reforms, Part 1

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Springer; Dordrecht; 2012; 969–993
    Series: Curaj A Scott P, Vlasceanu L, Wilson L
  • Governing Policy Processes and Foresight: Potential Contributions and Inherent Tensions;
    On Prospective Technology Studies

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: KIT Scientific Publishing; Karlsruhe; 2011; 1–18
    Series: Banse G, Grunwald A, Hronszky I, Nelson G
  • Foresight in CEE Countries;
    The Handbook of Technology Foresight: Concepts and Practice

    Author(s): Havas A, Keenan M
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  • Future impact of new technologies upon food quality and health in Central Eastern European countries;
    Agri-food business: Global challenges – Innovative solutions

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  • Escaping from the Nutcracker? Innovation policy in Hungary;
    Knowledge and innovation processes in Central and Eastern European economies

    Author(s): Havas A
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  • Knowledge-intensive Activities vs. High-tech Sectors: Traps and learning options for Central European policy-makers;
    The Knowledge-Based Economy in Central and East European Countries: Economies and industries in a process of change

    Author(s): Havas A
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  • A typology of foresight programmes;
    Globális és hazai problémák tegnaptól holnapig (Global and National Challenges)

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Arisztotelész Stúdium Bt.; Budapest; 2006; 274–280
    Series: Kristóf T, Tóth A
  • Intelligent benchmarking: how to design and use it for learning in Central and Eastern Europe;
    Supporting RECORD Centres of Excellence: conclusions for policy: The Vienna Proceedings of the RECORD Thematic Network

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Budapesti Muszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem; Budapest; 2006; 73–90
    Series: Borsi B, Papanek G
  • Local, regional and global production networks: re-integration of the Hungarian automotive industry;
    The Globalization of Industry and Innovation in Eastern Europe - From Post-socialist Restructuring to International Competitiveness

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Edward Elgar; Cheltenham; 2000; 95–127
    Series: von Hirschhausen C, Bitzer J
  • Foresight in a small country in transition: Preliminary lessons of the Hungarian Technology Programme;
    Die Delphi-Technik in den Sozialwissenschaften: methodische Forschungen und innovative Anwendungen

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Westdeutscher Verlag; Wiesbaden; 2000; 95–107
    Series: Haeder M, Haeder S
  • Changing Patterns of Inter- and Intra-Regional Division of Labour: Central Europe’s long and winding road;
    Global Strategies and Local Realities: The Auto Industry in Emerging Markets

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Macmillan; Basingstoke; 2000; 234–262
    Series: Humphrey J, Lecler Y, Salerno MS
  • A Long Way to Go: The Hungarian science and technology policy in transition;
    Institutional change and industrial development in Central and Eastern Europe

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Ashgate; Aldershot; 1999; 221–248
    Series: Laki M, Lorentzen A, Wiedmaier B
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Intra-Industry Trade: The case of automotive industry in Central Europe;
    The Technology of Transition

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Central European University Press; Budapest; 1997; 211–240
    Series: Dyker D
  • Restructuring Precision Industry in Hungary;
    The Aftermath of ‘Real Existing Socialism’ in Eastern Europe, Volume 2: People and Technology in the Process of Transition

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Macmillan; Basingstoke; 1997; 210–236
    Series: Lorentzen A, Rostgård M
  • Science and Technology Policy in Hungary;
    Science Policy and Research Management in the Balkan Countries

    Author(s): Havas A
    Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers; Dordrecht; 1995; 193–208
    Series: Parissakis G, Katsaros N

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