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Researcher Profile

DI Karl A. Berger

DI Karl A. Berger


Research Engineer



Competence Unit

Energy Conversion and Hydrogen


Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna


Field: Photovoltaic Technologies

Main Research: Reliability, Performance and Operation of Photovoltaic Systems and its Components

Experience: Experience in performance and safety research and testing of electric components starting 2004 with high- and low voltage equipment. Since 2008 mainly engaged in the field of photovoltaic module and PV system quality. Member of national and international standardization committees (OVE, IEC) and international collaborations (IEA PVPS)

  • 2008--: Research Engineer
    Photovoltaics, AIT Center for Energy / Vienna, Austria
  • 2004-2008: Scientific Employee
    Monitoring, Energy and Drive Technologies, OFPZ Arsenal / Vienna, Austria
  • 1997-2003: Research Assistant / Lecturer
    Institute of Switching devices and High Voltage Technology / Univ. of Technology Vienna, Austria
  • since 2010: OVE TSK E03 Photovoltaic
  • since 2012: IEC TC 82 Photovoltaic WG2 Modules
  • since 2015: IEC TC82 Photovoltaic WG3 Systems
  • since 2017: IEC TC82 Photovoltaic WG8 Cells
  • since 2017: IEC TC82 Photovoltaics PT 63092 Building Integrated Photovoltaics
  • since 2010: IEA PVPS Task 13 Reliability, Performance and Operation of PV Systems
  • since 2015: IEA PVPS Task 15 Enabling Framework for PV Building Integration


  • Arc motion and wave propagation in arc chambers with lateral chinks
    Author(s): K. Berger, B. Gessl, W. Schneider, W. Rieder
    Journal: Components and Packaging Technologies, IEEE Transactions on, 25/3 (2002) ; 440-445
  • Partial discharge diagnosis and monitoring of medium-voltage substations (In German: Diagnose und Monitoring von Mittelspannungsschaltanlagen mittels Teilentladungsmessung)
    Author(s): W. Hribernik, K. Berger, G. Pascoli
    Journal: DOI 10.1007/s00502-007-0489-5, 124/12 (2007) ; 430-434
  • Review of Failures of Photovoltaic Modules
    Author(s): M.Köntges, S.Kurtz, C.Packard, U.Jahn, K.A.Berger, K.Kato, T.Friesen, H.Liu, M.Van Iseghem
    Journal: IEA-PVPS, IEA PVPS T13-01 (2014) ; 140p
  • Investigation of Thermo-Mechanical Stresses on PV Modules: A Collaborative Research within the European Photovoltaic Infrastructure Research Project SOPHIA
    Author(s): Karl A. Berger, B.Kubicek, G.Újvári, T.Krametz, S.Zamini, M.Koehl, T.Sample, I.J.Benett, E.Gerritsen, P.Malbranche, R.Gottschalg, P.Pugliatti, F.Roca, O.Zubilaga, et.al.
    Journal: Proc. WCPEC6 Kyoto, 6 (2014) ; 32
  • Statistical evaluation of PV system performance and failure data among different climate zones
    Author(s): M. Halwachs, L. Neumaier, N. Vollert, L. Maul, S. Dimitriadis, Y. Voronko, G.C. Eder, A. Omazic, W. Mühleisen, Ch. Hirschl, M. Schwark, K.A. Berger, R. Ebner
    Journal: Renewable Energy, 139 (2019) ; 1040-1060. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.renene.2019.02.135
  • Climate specific accelerated PV moule ageing tests - and outdoor failures observed
    Author(s): Karl A. Berger, G. Újvári, R. Ebner, G.C. Eder, Y. Voronko, K. Knöbl, S. Dimitriadis, L. Neumaier
    Journal: NIST-UL Workshop on PV Materials Durability (2019) ; 33p
  • Photovoltaik für eine nachhaltige Energieversorgung (since 2014) (2014)
    TU Graz
  • Method for producing structured thin-layer photovoltaics
    Inventor: M. Rennhofer, K.A. Berger
    Submission Date: 30.03.2012
    Issue Date: 04.02.2015
  • Photovoltaic window and/or façade element
    Inventor: M. Rennhofer, K.A. Berger
    Submission Date: 30.03.2012
    Issue Date: 15.10.2013

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