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PD Dr. Gerhard Soja MSc.

PD Dr. Gerhard Soja MSc.


Senior Scientist



Competence Unit

Environmental Resources & Technologies




+43 50550 3542


+43 50550 3452


UFT, Konrad-Lorenz-Straße 24, 3430 Tulln


Field: Exploitation of Biological Resources

Main Research: crop physiology, agronomy, soil management, soil remediation, environmental assessment, air pollutants, climate change, biochar


Main Topics:
Ecophysiology of plants, photosynthetic behaviour, gaseous air pollutants (field studies, fumigation experiments, expert opinions, modelling); stress parameters, analysis and deposition of organic air pollutants; bioindication; degradation of organic pollutants in the soil; ecotoxicology; environmental monitoring; climate change mitigation and adaptation; plant nutrition; soil remediation; carbonisation techniques.
Reference Projects:
- Effects of ozone impacts on annual and perennial crop plants
- UN-ECE International Cooperation Project on Effects of Air Pollution on Natural Vegetation and Crops
- Bioindication of ozone in Eastern Austria
- Biological effects of electromagnetic fields on plants
- Oxidative stress and quality  of plant-derived food
- Degradation of high-molecular weight PAH in contaminated soils by in-situ-oxidation
- Use of vegetable oil for remediating PAH-contaminated soils
- Wine production under climate change conditions
- Biochar as soil amendment
- European lakes under environmental stressors
- Biochar for heavy metal immobilisation in contaminated soils
- Phosphorus and carbon waste mining for nutrient recycling
- Combined in-situ remediation with compost and biochar for PAH- and heavy metal-contaminated soils
- Copper stabilization in vineyard soils
- Phosphorus sorption with carbonized food residues

  • 1984-20xx: Scientist
    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
  • since 2013: Austrian Standards Institute
  • since 2014: International Biochar Initiative


  • Global Change Aspects in Plant Production (2020)
    University for Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
  • Selected Topics in Environmental Toxicology (2019)
    University for Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
  • Selected Topics in Contaminated Site Remediation (2019)
    University for Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

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