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Researcher Profile

Dr Rainer Simon

Dr Rainer Simon


Senior Scientist


Digital Safety & Security

Competence Unit

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence


Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna


Field: Data Science

Main Research: Multimedia information management & semantic technologies


Dr. Rainer Simon is a Senior Scientist at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. He holds a master's in telecommunications engineering and a doctorate in computer science from the Vienna University of Technology. Rainer has been working in the field of multimedia information management and retrieval for more than 10 years, with a particular focus on technologies and user interfaces that process and visualize geospatial information. His current research interest is in the application of Linked (Geo) Data methods and visualization techniques in the Digital Humanities and Digital Library domains. Rainer has been involved in several national and international research projects, published various papers in his area, and served as a programme committee member and reviewer for relevant scientific workshops and publications in the field.

Rainer's recent activities include participation in the EU-funded EuropeanaConnect project, where he lead a research and development task on collaborative semantic media annotation; and his role as Co-Investigator and Principal Developer for Pelagios, a digital classics network which interconnects heterogeneous digital content from the domain of Ancient World research by means of a common semantic reference framework. Presently, Rainer serves as the Co-Investigator and Technical Director of the project Pelagios 3 - Early Geospatial Documents, which will establish a global index of places referred to in early maps and geographic texts predating the year 1492. Pelagios 3 funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and will continue until August 2015.

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