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Mag. Barbara Prazak-Aram

Mag. Prazak-Aram




Innovation Systems

Business Unit

Technology Experience




+43 505504599


TECHbase Vienna, Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Area: Technology Experience

Field: Contextual Experience

Main Research: AAL, User Involvement, Evaluation


Barbara Prazak-Aram is working as a scientist at the AIT since many years. The last years she was working at Health & Environment Departement in the Business Unit Biomedical Systems There she was significantly involved in building up the AAL theme in this business unit. She has many years of experience in project management and participation of national and EU funded projects in area of Ambient Assisted Living with emphasis evaluation of AAL solutions and user involvement. In addition, she is also teaching at the ASSISTEC- course at the University of Linz and the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt and FH Campus Wien and has many years of experiences in consulting for Assistive Technologies for people with disabilities.

  • 2004: Best poster price in the conference „challenges in dementia care: can technology help people with dementia?“, Norwegen:


  • A Toy Robot for Physical Handicapped Children - New Ways of Playing?;
    Author(s): B. Prazak, G. Kronreif, A. Hochgatterer, M. Fürst
    Journal: Journal Technology and Disability, Vol.16 (2004) ; 131-136
  • Human-centred design methods: Developing scenarios for robot assisted play informed by user panels and field trials
    Author(s): Ben Robins, Ester Ferrari, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Gernot Kronreif, Barbara Prazak-Aram, Gert Jan Gelderblom, Tanja Bernd, Francesca Caprino, Elena Laudanna, Patrizia Marti
    Journal: Int. J. Hum.-Comput. Stud. , 68(12) (2010) ; 873-898
  • Evaluation of a modular scalable system for silver-ager located in assisted living homes in Austria ¿ study protocol of the ModuLAAr ambient assisted living project
    Author(s): Siegel Christian, Prazak-Aram Barbara, Kropf Johannes, Kundi Michael, Dorner Thomas
    Journal: BMC Public Health (2014)
  • LV Exkursionen und Berufsfelderkundung - Einführung in das Themenfeld AAL (2013)
    FH Campus Wien - Lehrgang Health Assisting Engineering
  • Einführung in das Themenfeld Assistierende Technologien und deren Anwendung in der Ergotherapie (2014)
    FH Wiener Neustadt - Ergotherapie

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