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DI Dr. Filip Petrushevski

DI Dr. Filip Petrushevski


Research Engineer



Competence Unit

Sustainable Thermal Energy System




+43 50550 6419


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Smart Buildings

Main Research: Building automation and building modeling for energy efficient buildings


Dr. Filip Petrushevski is a researcher at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. He is leading research projects in the areas of building automation and building modeling for energy efficient buildings. Previously he was a researcher at the Vienna University of Technology. He gained his experience working for international companies in the areas of robotics, smart cards, smart phones and building automation. He has received a diploma in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from the University Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia and a doctoral degree in Architecture in the area of building automation and building modeling from the Vienna University of Technology.

  • 2014-: Research Engineer / Project Manager
    AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology / Austria
  • 2010-2014: Project Assistant
    Vienna University of Technology / Austria
  • 2007-2010: Embedded Systems Engineer
    Seavus / Macedonia / Sweden
  • 2007-2007: Intern
    Siemens / Austria
  • 2006-2006: Intern
    Helmut-Schmidt University / Germany


  • Operations on network-based space layouts for modeling multiple space views of buildings
    Author(s): G. Suter, F. Petrushevski, and M. Sipetic
    Journal: Advanced Engineering Informatics (2014)
  • Conflict management in a personalized, space model based lighting control system
    Author(s): F. Petrushevski, M. Sipetic, and G. Suter
    Conference EG-ICE 2013, Vienna, Austria
  • A space model for personal lighting control
    Author(s): G. Suter, F. Petrushevski, and M. Sipetic
    Conference CONVR 2012, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Boolean operations on network-based space layouts
    Author(s): G. Suter, F. Petrushevski, and M. Sipetic
    Conference EG-ICE 2012, Herrsching (Munich), Germany
  • Personalized lighting control based on a space model
    Author(s): F. Petrushevski
    Conference UBICOMP 2012, Pittsburg, USA
  • Design of a personalized lighting control system enabled by a space model
    Author(s): G. Suter, F. Petrushevski, and M. Sipetic
    Conference ICEBO 2011, New York, USA
  • Neighborhood Energy Management System
    Author(s): G. Zucker, F. Judex, B. Iglar, M. Blöchle, F. Petrushevski, and J. Hubert
    Conference CISBAT 2015, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Quality Assessment of Automatically Generated Simplified Thermal Building Models
    Author(s): F. Petrushevski, S. Hauer, F. Judex, S. Leal, and K. Eder
    Conference Building Simulation Conference 2015, Hyderabad, India
  • An Advanced Data Analytics Framework for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
    Author(s): D. Schachinger, S. Gaida, W. Kastner, F. Petrushevski, C. Reinthaler, M. Sipetic, and G. Zucker
    Conference IEEE ETFA 2016, Berlin, Germany
  • Comparison of machine learning algorithms for forecasting of residential complex energy consumption
    Author(s): M. Šipetic, F. Petrushevski and F. Judex
    Conference EG-ICE 2017, Nottingham, UK
  • Semantic Building Systems Modeling for Advanced Data Analytics for Energy Efficiency
    Author(s): F. Petrushevski, S. Gaida, B. Beigelböck, M. Sipetic, G. Zucker, C. Schiefer, D. Schachinger, W. Kastner
    Conference Building Simulation 2017, San Francisco, USA

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