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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Christoph Pacher

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Pacher




Digital Safety & Security

Competence Unit

Security & Communication Technologies




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Tech Gate Vienna, Donau-City-Strasse 1, 1220 Vienna


Field: Secure Information Access in Distributed Systems

Main Research: Quantum Cryptography

Experience: Quantum Information Theory, Information Theory, Coding Theory, Privacy Amplification, Randomness Extraction

  • 1999-2003: Research assistant
    Vienna University of Technology · Institute of Solid State Electronics / Austria
  • 2004-: Scientist
    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology · Center of Digital Safety & Security / Austria
  • 2014: Member IEEE Information Theory Society
  • 2014: Member IEEE Communications Society
  • 2010: WWTF Research Grant, ICT Call 2010


  • The SECOQC Quantum Key Distribution Network in Vienna
    Author(s): Momtchil Peev, Christoph Pacher,
    Journal: New Journal of Physics, 11 (2009) ; 075001
  • Estimating Channel Parameters from the Syndrome of a Linear Code
    Author(s): Gottfried Lechner, Christoph Pacher
    Journal: IEEE Communications Letters, 17 (2013) ; 2148
  • is available at
    Author(s): a complete publication list
    Journal: ResearchGate (2014)
  • Node Modules and Protocols for the Quantum-Back-Bone of a Quantum-Key-Distribution Network
    Author(s): O Maurhart, T Lorünser, T Länger, C Pacher, M Peev, A Poppe
    Conference ECOC '09. 35th European Conference on Optical Communication
  • Non-splitting Tridiagonalization of Complex Symmetric Matrices.
    Author(s): Wilfried N. Gansterer, A. R. Gruber, Christoph Pacher
    Conference ICCS 2009, 9th International Conference on Computational Science, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
  • Tridiagonalizing Complex Symmetric Matrices in Waveguide Simulations.
    Author(s): Wilfried N. Gansterer, Hannes Schabauer, Christoph Pacher, N. Finger
    Conference ICCS 2008, 8th International Conference on Computational Science, Kraków, Poland
  • Fundamental Finite Key LImits for Information Reconciliation in Quantum Key Distribution
    Author(s): M. Tomamichel, J. Martinez-Mateo, Ch. Pacher, D. Elkouss:
    Conference IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  • EP2051138 Device for Generating Polarization-Entangled Photons
    Inventor: Norman Finger, Christoph Pacher
    Submission Date: 17.10.2008
    Issue Date: 02.06.2010

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