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Dr. Philippe Nitsche MSc.

Dr. Philippe  Nitsche MSc.




Mobility Systems

Competence Unit

Transportation Infrastructure Technologies




+43 50550 6517


+43 505506599


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Innovative Road Transport Safety

Main Research: Road Safety and Intelligent Transport Systems

Experience: I am a researcher and project manager at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), with more than 12 years of work experience in research design and planning in the fields of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and road safety. In my PhD study at the Loughborough University in the UK, I worked on collision scenarios and testing procedures for automated vehicles. During my master’s studies, I developed a system to evaluate road pavement condition using in-vehicle sensors and artificial neural networks. I am very proud that a patent was granted for my method. My work at the Austrian Road Safety Board helped me to gain expertise as a researcher in the fields of traffic safety and road accidents analyses. Since 2008, I have been working at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), where I am responsible for numerous national and international research projects. My further expertise comprises vehicle dynamics and vehicle-road interaction as basis for future cooperative traffic services and driver assistance.

  • July 2014 - ongoing: ERTRAC Task Force "Connectivity and Automated Driving"
  • November 2013 - December 2015: iMobility Working Group "Probe Data"
  • Sept 2017 - ongoing: FSV Working Group "Automated Driving"


  • Verkehrssicherheitsanalyse von Tunnels auf Autobahnen und Schnellstraßen
    Author(s): Nussbaumer, C., Nitsche, P.
    Journal: Straßenverkehrstechnik , 11 (2009) ; 722-727
  • A simulation-based concept for assessing the effectiveness of forgiving roadside treatments
    Author(s): Nitsche, P., Stütz, R., Helfert
    Journal: Advances in Transportation Studies, Special Issue 2011 (2011) ; 87-98
  • Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Evaluating Pavement Roughness Based on Vehicle Response
    Author(s): Nitsche, P., Stütz, R., Kammer, M., Maurer, P.
    Journal: Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 28 (2014) ; 1-8
  • Supporting large-scale travel surveys with smartphones – A practical approach
    Author(s): Nitsche, P., Widhalm, P., Breuss, S., Brändle, N., Maurer, P.
    Journal: Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Special Issue with Selected Papers from Transport Research Arena 43, Part 2 (2014) ; 212-221
  • Pre-crash scenarios at road junctions: A clustering method for car crash data
    Author(s): Nitsche, P., Thomas, P., Stuetz, R., Welsh, R.
    Journal: Accident Analysis and Prevention, 107 (2017) ; 137-151
  • Requirements on Tomorrow‘s Road Infrastructure for Highly Automated Driving
    Author(s): Nitsche, P., Mocanu, I., Reinthaler, M.
    Conference The 3rd International Conference on Connected Vehicles & Expo (ICCVE 2014), Vienna, Austria
  • The impacts of electric cars on road safety: Insights from a real-world driving study
    Author(s): Nitsche, P., Aleksa, M., Winkelbauer, M., Harnisch, M., Kammer, M.
  • A simulation framework for assessing the safety effects of soft and hard shoulders as examples of forgiving roadside treatments
    Author(s): Nitsche, P., Stütz, R., Saleh, P., Maurer, P.
    Conference Transport Research Arena 2012, Athens, Greece
  • Monitoring ride quality on roads with existing sensors in passenger cars
    Author(s): Nitsche, P., Van Geem, C., Stütz, R., Mocanu, I., Sjögren, L.
  • Costs and benefits of cooperative ITS for road authorities: the COBRA decision-support tool
    Author(s): Ball, S.D., van Noort, M., Nitsche, P.
  • Verfahren zur Identifikation von Straßenparametern (Österreichisches Patent 511.109)
    Inventor: Nitsche, P., Deix, S.
    Submission Date: 02.10.2018
    Issue Date: 31.12.9999

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