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Mag. Elke Mattheiss BSc.

Mag. Elke Mattheiss BSc.




Technology Experience

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Technology Experience




+43 50550 4537


+43 50550-4599


TECHbase Vienna, Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Contextual Experience

Main Research: HCI, Gamification, Serious Games, Persuasive Technologies, Accessibility

Experience: I am interested in how people interact with technology and how they experience this interaction. My current research focus is on gamification approaches in the context of persuasive technologies, digital games and accessibility for visually impaired and blind people. In the numerous national and international research projects I was involved in, I could gain wide experience in the design and evaluation of interactive systems.

  • 2008-2010: Postgraduate Researcher
    University of Graz
  • 2010-2014: HCI Researcher
    CURE - Center for Usability Research & Engineering
  • 2014-: Scientist
    AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology


  • EdgeBraille: Braille-based text input for touch devices
    Author(s): Mattheiss, E., Regal, G., Schrammel, J., Garschall, M., and Tscheligi, M.
    Journal: Journal of Assistive Technologies (2015)
  • Attentional Behavior of Users on the Move towards Pervasive Advertising Media;
    Pervasive Advertising - Using pervasive computing technologies for advertising purposes

    Author(s): Schrammel, J., Mattheiss, E., Döbelt, S., Paletta, L., Almer, A., and Tscheligi, M.
    Publisher: Springer ; 2011
    Series: ; HCI Series
  • From Awareness to Empowerment: Using Design Fiction to Explore Paths towards an Sustainable Energy Future
    Author(s): Prost, S., Mattheiss, E. and Tscheligi, M.
    Conference CSCW '15
  • Workshop on Personalization in Serious and Persuasive Games and Gamified Interactions
    Author(s): Busch, M., Mattheiss, E., Orji, R., Hochleitner, W., Lankes, M. and Tscheligi, M.
    Conference CHI PLAY '15

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