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DI Johannes Kronsteiner

DI Kronsteiner


Junior Scientist


Low-Emission Transport

Business Unit

Light Metals Technologies Ranshofen




+43 50550 6935


+43 50550 6642


TECHbase Vienna, Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna

  • 2013-: Junior Scientist
    Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen GmbH


  • Determination of Input Parameters for a Mix-mode Cohesive Zone Formulation of a Novel Metal-CFRP-Joining Interface
    Author(s): J. Kronsteiner, S. Ucsnik, S. Stelzer
    Conference European Conference on Composite Materials ECCM, Seville, Spain
    Proceedings Frederico París; Composite Materials: The Future
  • Impact of Temperature Rise on Deformation Dilatometer Test Method
    Author(s): J. Kronsteiner, D. Horwatitsch, I. Baumgartner
    Conference The 3rd International Conference SSTT 2014, Seggauberg
    Proceedings Karel Matocha; Determination of Mechanical Properties of Materials by Small Punch and other Miniature Testing Techniques; 348
  • Experimental determination of plastic strain in the extrusion process
    Author(s): Kronsteiner J., Horwatitsch D., Hinterer A., Gusenbauer C., Zeman K.
    Conference ESAFORM 2016, Nantes
    Proceedings 4/29/2016; ESAFORM 2016
  • Comparison of Updated Lagrangian FEM with Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method for 3D thermo-mechanical extrusion of a tube profile
    Author(s): J. Kronsteiner, D. Horwatitsch, K. Zeman
    Conference ESAFORM 2017, Dublin
  • Virtual Tool Design for Metal Extrusion of Filler Wires by means of Thermo-Mechanical Process Simulation including Hybrid Friction Models
    Author(s): J. Kronsteiner, S. Ucsnik, D. Horwatitsch
    Conference NAFEMS World Congress, Stockholm

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