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Mag. Dr. Manuela Kienegger

Mag. Dr. Manuela Kienegger




Innovation Systems & Policy

Competence Unit

Innovation Systems & Policy




+43 50550 4530


Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna


Field: Anticipatory Governance

Main Research: Foresight


Manuela Kienegger is a graduate from Vienna University, where she received a PhD in biology. Since joining AIT in 2009 she has been working for the departments Health & Environment and Innovation Systems, where she has been coordinating and participating in various national and European research projects concerned with technology management and foresight, ranging from innovation and research policy making to bibliometric analysis of research and healthcare projects (e.g. UNCOVER). She has several years of experience in the coordination and management of projects. Prior to joining AIT, she worked as a researcher in the area of applied biology and as an R&D consultant and project manager of national and international projects for public authorities such as the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Foresty, Environment and Water Management. A major part of her work was then concerned with the identification of research gaps in various biologically-related research fields (including emerging technologies) within the ERA and the development of implementation strategies for transnational research.

  • 2011-now: Scientist
    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology / Austria
  • 2009-2011: Research Associate
    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology / Austria
  • 2007-2009: Project Manager
    AGES - The Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety / Austria
  • 2006-2009: Project Manager / Consultant
    BMLFUW - Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management / Austria
  • 2000-2006: Scientist
    Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Biological Agriculture and Applied Ecology / Austria


  • From Foresight to Anticipation
    Author(s): Kienegger M., Hörlesberger M., Giesecke S.
    Conference First International Conference on ANTICIPATION, Trento (IT)

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