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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Andrea Kasztler

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Kasztler




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Tech Gate Vienna, Donau-City-Strasse 1, 1220 Vienna

  • 2001-now: Scientist
    Austrian Institute of Technology / Austria
  • 1997-2001: University Assistent
    University of Technology Vienna / Austria
  • 2001-2001: Analyst
    Accenture GmbH / Austria
  • 2010: Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2010 for the paper “An SNA-based approach for management control of intellectual capital”, Journal of Intellectual Capital


  • Critical current variation and current transfer length in multifilamentary Bi-2223/Ag tapes
    Author(s): Andrea Kasztler, Michael Foitl, Hans Kirchmayr, Milan Polak, and Milan Majoros
    Journal: IEEE Transactions onApplied Superconductivity , 07 (1999)
  • I–V curves and critical currents of Bi2223/Ag tape and filaments extracted from it
    Author(s): Mailan Polak, Andrea Kasztler and Hans Kirchmayr
    Journal: Physica C Superconductivity , 05 (2001) ; 354(1):242-246
  • Bibliometric Analysis and Visualisation of Intellectual Capital
    Author(s): Andrea Kasztler and Karl-Heinz Leitner
    Journal: J. UCS , 01 (2002) ; 8:516-525
  • Instrumente zur Erfassung und Steuerung immaterieller Ressourcen
    Author(s): Karin Klostermann and Andrea Kasztler
    Journal: Zeitschrift Führung + Organisation , 04 (2006) ; 75(4):219-225
  • Wissensbilanzierung auch bei der beruflichen Erwachsenenbildung
    Author(s): Andrea Kasztler and Karl-Heinz Leitner
    Journal: Seibersdorf Innovativ, 02 (2007) ; 6-7
  • Differences in publication and dissemination practices between disciplinary and transdisciplinary science and the consequences for research evaluation
    Author(s): Alexander Kaufmann and Andrea Kasztler
    Journal: Science and Public Policy , 04 (2009) ; 36(3):215-227
  • An SNA-based approach for management control of intellectual capital
    Author(s): Andrea Kasztler and Karl-Heinz Leitner
    Journal: Journal of Intellectual Capital, 07 (2009) ; 10(3):329-340
  • Wissensbilanzen als neue Form des Berichtswesens: Konzeptioneller Hintergrund, Modelle und Erfahrungen der Austrian Research Centers;
    Kompetenzkapital - Verbindungen zwischen Kompetenzbilanzen und Humankapital

    Author(s): Andrea Kasztler and Karl-Heinz Leitner
    Publisher: Bankakademie Verlag; Frankfurt am Main; 2004; 3-937519-17-3
    Series: J. Hasebrook, O. Zawacki-Richter, J. Erpenbeck
  • Capabilities and competencies for innovation management in security organisations
    Author(s): Jillian Yeow and Andrea Kasztler
    Conference R&D Management Conference 2013 "Skills for Future innovation - Implications for R&D management", Manchester, UK
  • Analyzing Knowledge Networks in Organizations
    Author(s): Barbara Heller-Schuh and Andrea Kasztler
    Conference International Conference on Knowledge Management, Graz, Austria
    Proceedings K. Tochtermann, H. Maurer ; Proceedings of I-KNOW 2004; 45 - 53
  • Organisational Co-authorship Networks analysed through Social Network Analysis and Visualised by Bibliometric Methods
    Author(s): Andrea Kasztler and Marianne Hörlesberger
    Conference XVII ISPIM Annual Conference "Networks for Innovation", Athens
    Proceedings The International Society for Professional Innovation Management Ltd; Proceedings of The XVII ISPIM Annual Conference "Networks for Innovation"
  • Wissensmanagement und Wissensbilanz (2005)
    Donau-Universität Krems
  • Einführung in die Wissensbilanzierung (2003)
    Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

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