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Researcher Profile

DI Dr. Bin Hu

DI Dr. Bin Hu





Competence Unit

Integrated Energy Systems




+43 50550 6653


+43 50550 6439


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Integrated Transport Optmisation

Main Research: Transport Optimization and Logistics

Experience: Transport Optimization, Location Planning, Network Design, Combinatorial Optimization, (Meta-)Heuristics, Mixed Integer Programming

  • 2005-2015: Research and teaching assistant
    Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms / Austria
  • 2015-: Scientist
    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology / Austria
  • 2013: Evostar Local Chair
  • 2016: EvoCOP Co-Chair
  • 2017: EvoCOP Co-Chair
  • 2016 - 2022: ETRR Advisory Board member
  • 2008: EvoCOP best paper award
  • 2009: HIS best paper award
  • 2010: EvoCOP best paper award
  • 2013: EvoCOP best paper award


  • PILOT, GRASP, and VNS Approaches for the Static Balancing of Bicycle Sharing Systems
    Author(s): Marian Rainer-Harbach, Petrina Papazek, Günther R. Raidl, Bin Hu, Christian Kloimüllner
    Journal: Journal of Global Optimization (2014) ; 1-33
  • A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Solution Archive for the Discrete (r|p)-Centroid Problem
    Author(s): Benjamin Biesinger, Bin Hu, Günther Raidl
    Journal: Journal of Heuristics, 21(3) (2015) ; 391-431
  • Models and Algorithms for Competitive Facility Location Problems with Different Customer Behavior
    Author(s): Benjamin Biesinger, Bin Hu, Günther Raidl
    Journal: Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (2015) ; 1-27
  • Synchronizing Trucks and Trailers in a Multiresource Problem with Variable Neighborhood Search
    Author(s): Ulrike Ritzinger, Bin Hu, Hannes Koller, Melitta Dragaschnig
    Journal: Transportation Research Record, 2610 (2017) ; 28-34
  • A Genetic Algorithm in Combination with a Solution Archive for Solving the Generalized Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands
    Author(s): Benjamin Biesinger, Bin Hu, Günther Raidl
    Journal: Transportation Science, 52 (2018) ; 673-690
  • Last Train Timetabling Optimization and Bus Bridging Service Management in Urban Railway Transit Networks
    Author(s): Liujiang Kang, Xiaoning Zhu, Huijun Sun, Jianjun Wu, Ziyou Gao, Bin Hu
    Journal: Omega, 84 (2018) ; 31-44

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