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Barbara Heller-Schuh

 Barbara Heller-Schuh




Innovation Systems & Policy

Competence Unit

Innovation Systems & Policy




+43 50550 4523


Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna


Field: Innovation Dynamics and Modelling

Main Research: Research and Innovation Policy, Innovation Networks, Higher Education Research


Barbara Heller-Schuh joined AIT in the year 2002 and works as a scientist in the Innovation Systems Department. She graduated in History, German Language and Literature studies at the Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria and in Knowledge Management at the Danube University in Krems, Austria.Her main research interests cover research and innovation policy, innovation networks and higher education research. She has been involved in several research and consulting projects dealing with the exploration of collaborative R&D projects to analyse network structure and dynamics at different policy levels. More recently, she carried out a number of studies analyzing the governance and funding systems of universities. Furthermore, she is responsible for the maintenance of the EUPRO database, a comprehensive database containing cleaned and standardized information about all accessible projects and their participants of the EU-Framework Programmes.

  • 2002-now: Scientist
    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology / Austria
  • 2001-2001: Contract Researcher
    Heinz von Foerster-Society / Austria
  • 2000-2001: Contract Researcher
    Historikerkommission der Republik Österreich / Austria
  • 1998-2000: Researcher
    Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Research into the Daily Life and Material Culture of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period / Austria
  • 1991-1993: Researcher
    Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Research into the Daily Life and Material Culture of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period / Austria
  • 2004-2005: External Lecturer
    Danube University Krems, Department for Knowledge and Communication Management / Austria
  • 1997-2002: External Lecturer
    University of Vienna, Department of Social and Economic History / Austria
  • since 2012: Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (fteval)


  • ICT-enabled system innovations in public services: Experiences from intelligent transport systems
    Author(s): Weber, K.M., Heller-Schuh, B., Godoe, H. and Roste, R.
    Journal: Telecommunications Policy, 38, 5-6 (2014) ; 539-557
  • Participations to European Framework Programs of Higher Education Institutions and their association with organizational characteristics
    Author(s): Lepori, B., Veglio, V., Heller-Schuh, B., Scherngell, Th. and Barber, B.
    Journal: Scientometrics, 105(3) (2015) ; 2149-2178
  • Personal health systems technologies: Critical issues in service innovation and diffusion
    Author(s): Schartinger, D., Miles, I., Saritas, Ö., Amanatidou, E., Giesecke, S., Heller-Schuh, B., Pompo-Juarez, L., and Schreier, G.
    Journal: Technology Innovation Management Review, 5, 2 (2015) ; 46-57
  • Zur Funktion der Wissensorganisation bei der Auswahl nachhaltiger Entwicklungsstrategien in Kompetenznetzwerken;
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  • Regional – national – europäisch: Wiener F&E-Netzwerke aus der Mehr-Ebenen-Perspektive;
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    Author(s): Heller-Schuh B. und Paier M.
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  • Ranking Lists and European Framework Programmes: Does University Status Matter for Performance in Framework Programmes?;
    Public Vices, Private Virtues? Assessing the Effects of Marketization in Higher Education

    Author(s): Nokkala, T., Heller-Schuh, B. and Paier, M.
    Publisher: Sense Publishers; Rotterdam, Boston, Taipei; 2011; 111-139
    Series: Teixeira, P. N. and Dill, D. D.
  • .;
    Analysis of Networks in European Framework Programmes (1984-2006)

    Author(s): Heller-Schuh, B., Barber, M., Henriques, L., Paier, M., Pontikakis, D., Scherngell, T., Schoen, A., Veltri, G., and Weber, M.
    Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union ; Luxembourg; 2011
    Series: ; JRC Scientific and Technical Reports EUR 24759 EN
  • ServPPINs as instruments for realizing system innovations: the case of transport;
    Public-Private Innovation Networks in Services

    Author(s): Weber, M. and Heller-Schuh, B.
    Publisher: Edward Elgar; Cheltenham; 2013; 384-408
    Series: Gallouj, F., Rubalcaba, L. and Windrum, P.
  • The Embeddedness of Regions in R&D Collaboration Networks of the EU Framework Programmes;
    The Geography of Networks and R&D Collaborations

    Author(s): Wanzenböck, I. and Heller-Schuh, B.
    Publisher: Springer; Berlin, Heidelberg; 2014; 279-298
    Series: Scherngell, Th.; Advances in Spatial Science
  • Turkish-German Innovation Networks in the European Research Landscape;
    International Innovation Networks and Knowledge Migration – The German-Turkish nexus

    Author(s): Prostolupow, I., Pyka, A. and Heller-Schuh, B.
    Publisher: Routledge ; London; 2016; (in press)
    Series: Pyka, A., Küstepeli, Y. and Hartmann, D. ; Lisbon Civic Forum Studies on Innovation
  • „In Fühlung treten“ – Netzwerke in der Frauen- und Friedenspolitik;
    Beziehungen, Vernetzungen, Konflikte. Perspektiven Historischer Verwandtschaftsforschung

    Author(s): Rath, B. und Heller-Schuh, B.
    Publisher: Böhlau; Köln, Wien, Weimar; 2016; (in press)
    Series: Fertig, Ch. und Lanzinger, M.
  • Analyzing Knowledge Networks in Organizations
    Author(s): Heller-Schuh, B. and Kasztler, A.
    Conference I-KNOW ’05. 5th International Conference on Knowledge Management, Graz, Austria
    Proceedings Tochtermann K. and Maurer H.; Proceedings of I-KNOW ’05. 5th International Conference on Knowledge Management, Graz, Austria; 45-53
  • An analytical framework for exploring networks based on communication: the case of a research organization
    Author(s): Czerny W., Heller-Schuh B. and Horacek M.
    Conference International Conference on Knowledge Management 2007, Vienna, Austria
    Proceedings Stary C., Barachini F. and Hawamdeh S.; Knowledge Management. Innovation, Technology and Cultures. Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Knowledge Management; 177-188
  • The Role of Firms in Multi-level Innovation Networks
    Author(s): Heller-Schuh B. and Wagner-Luptacik P.
    Conference XIX ISPIM Conference 2008, Tours, France
    Proceedings Huizingh K.R.E., Torkkeli M., Conn S. and Bitran I.; Proceedings of the XIX ISPIM Conference
  • Internal integration and collaboration in European R&D projects
    Author(s): Nokkala T., Heller-Schuh B., Paier M. and Wagner-Luptacik P.
    Conference 1st ICC Conference on Network Modelling and Economic Systems 2008, Lisbon, Portugal
  • European Framework Programmes: A research market for top-ranked universities?
    Author(s): Nokkala T., Heller-Schuh B. and Paier M.
    Conference CHER 22nd Annual Conference. ?Public Vices, Private Benefits? - Assessing the role of markets in higher education, Porto, Portugal
  • Ultra-Wideband: How does literature reflect the development if these technologies?
    Author(s): Hörlesberger M., Heller-Schuh B., Neubauer G.
    Conference 18th International Conference on Managament of Technology (IAMOT) 2009, Orlando, Florida
  • Structural Involvement and financial success in the European Framework Programme: The case of Austria
    Author(s): Heller-Schuh, B., Paier, M. and Herlitschka, S.
    Conference Science and Technology Indicators Conference 2011, Rome, Italy
  • ICT-enabled system innovations in public services: experiences from intelligent transport systems
    Author(s): Weber, M., Heller-Schuh, B., Godø, H. and Røste, R.
    Conference 1st International EIBURS-TAIPS Conference on “Innovation and public services: Empirical evidence and policy issues”, Urbino, Italy
  • ServPPins, system innovations and transitions in public services: Experiences from intelligent transport systems
    Author(s): Weber, K.M., Heller-Schuh, B., Godø, H. and Røste, R.
    Conference 5th International Conference on Sustainability Transitions (IST) 2014, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Understanding factors influencing participation in European programs of Higher Education Institutions
    Author(s): Lepori, B., Heller-Schuh, B., Scherngell, T. and Barber, M.J.
    Conference Science and Technology Indicators Conference 2014 , Leiden, Netherlands

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