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Anita Graser MSc

 Graser MSc





Business Unit

Dynamic Transportation Systems


TECHbase Vienna, Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Area: Multi-Modal Mobility Systems

Field: Real-time dynamic management of transportation systems

Main Research: Geographic Information Sciences for Transport (GIS-T)

Experience: GIScience, GIS, Open data, FCD, Data quality

  • since 2012: OSGeo Charter Member
  • since 2013: QGIS PSC Member
  • since 2014: Centre of Geocomputation - Young Scholars Committee
  • since 2015: OSGeo Board of Directors


  • Towards an Open Source Analysis Toolbox for Street Network Comparison: Indicators, Tools and Results of a Comparison of OSM and the Official Austrian Reference Graph
    Author(s): Anita Graser, Markus Straub andMelitta Dragaschnig
    Journal: Transactions in GIS (2014)
  • Processing: A Python Framework for the Seamless Integration of Geoprocessing Tools in QGIS
    Author(s): Anita Graser, Victor Olaya
    Journal: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 4 (2015) ; 2219-2245
  • -;
    Learning QGIS 2.0

    Author(s): Anita Graser
    Publisher: Packt Publishing Limited, Birmingham, UK; 2013; 178216748x
  • Assessing Traffic Performance using Position Density of Sparse FCD
    Author(s): Anita Graser, Wolfgang Ponweiser, Melitta Dragaschnig, Norbert Brändle, Peter Widhalm
    Conference Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference 2012, Anchorage, USA
  • FCD in the real-world – system capabilities and applications
    Author(s): Anita Graser, Melitta Dragaschnig, Wolfgang Ponweiser, Marie S. Marcinek, Peter Widhalm
    Conference 19th ITS World Congress, Vienna, Austria
  • Fast Hidden Markov Model Map-Matching for Sparse and Noisy Trajectories
    Author(s): Hannes Koller, Peter Widhalm, Melitta Dragaschnig, Anita Graser
    Conference Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference 2015
  • GIS Software (2014)
    FH Wr. Neustadt
  • GIS Software (2015)
    FH Wr. Neustadt
  • QGIS Modul (2015)
    Universtität Salzburg - ZGIS

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