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Researcher Profile

Dr. Ernst Gebetsroither-Geringer

Dr. Ernst Gebetsroither-Geringer





Competence Unit

Digital Resilient Cities




+43 50550 4582


+43 50550 6613


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Digitalisation and HVAC Technologies in Buildings

Main Research: Modell Building and Simulation


Dr. Ernst Gebetsroither-Geringer has been working as a Scientist at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Energy Department, since 1999. He studied music research and history of art (1990-1991), ecology (biology) (1991-1997) and mathematics and physics (1998-1999), all at the University of Vienna. He focused in his PhD studies on the combination of multi-agent system and system dynamics modelling (2007-2010) at the Mathematics Institute of the University of Klagenfurt (his PhD:“ Combining Multi-Agent Systems Modelling and System Dynamics Modelling in theory and practice.”). He has about 15 years of experience in modelling and simulation and works as a lecturer in this field at the University Vienna. He also has expertise in renewable energy systems as this was the main theme in his magister thesis guided by Prof. G. Faninger. During his working experience at the AIT he also established emission projections for Austria and projects developing measures for mitigation of greenhouse gases for Austria. He was responsible for the development of the model integration within the Austrian Carbon Balance Project, a full carbon balance model for Austria. Within 2007-2008 he was funded to work at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IIIA) of the „Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona” by the „All-round Excellence“ Initiative, of AIT. There he worked on Agent-based Simulation. He was leading the project MoZert funded by the Austrian climate and Energy Fund ("NeueEnergie2020") elaborating the effects of personal carbon allocation schemes for the socioeconomic situation of households and the energy system in Austria. Between 2007-2009 he was lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien (Master course Environmental Engineering and Management). Since 2010 is he also lecturer at the University Graz at the Institute for Systems Science, Innovation & Sustainability Research (ISIS). Main focus of his expertise is in Modelling and Simulation combining different methods with the integrating GIS data.

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