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Dr. Hanna Faist

Dr. Hanna Faist


Junior Scientist


Health & Bioresources

Competence Unit



UFT, Konrad-Lorenz-Straße 24, 3430 Tulln


Field: Exploitation of Biological Resources

Main Research: plant bacteria interactions


Dr. Hanna Faist, a junior scientist at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, is part of the European
Horizon 2020 project SolACE (Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water
and nutrient use). Recently, Hanna Faist unraveled the role of the bacterial community in crops
exposed to combined stresses and distinct management practices. Previously, at the University of
Würzburg, she investigated the crown gall disease of plants, introduced by pathogenic agrobacteria.
This included the characterization of a gene and its influence on the lipidome of crown galls and the
bacterial community of diseased and healthy grapevines. Combining computational and molecular
biological skills, her research focuses on bacteria-plant interactions.

  • 2013-2017: PhD-candidate
    University of Würzburg / Germany
  • 2018-now: PostDoc / Junior Scientist
    AIT / Austria


  • Two Fatty Acid Desaturases, STEAROYL-ACYL CARRIER PROTEIN ?9-DESATURASE6 and FATTY ACID DESATURASE3, Are Involved in Drought and Hypoxia Stress Signaling in Arabidopsis Crown Galls
    Author(s): Joern Klinkenberg, Hanna Faist, Stefanie Saupe, Sophie Lambertz, Markus Krischke, Nadja Stingl, Agnes Fekete, Martin J. Mueller, Ivo Feussner, Rainer Hedrich, Rosalia Deeken
    Journal: Plant Physiology (2014)
  • Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) Crown Galls Host Distinct Microbiota
    Author(s): Hanna Faist, Alexander Keller, Ute Hentschel, Rosalia Deeken
    Journal: applied and Environmental Biology (2016)

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