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Researcher Profile

Dr. Bernhard Dachs

Dr. Bernhard Dachs


Senior Scientist


Innovation Systems & Policy

Competence Unit

Innovation Systems & Policy


Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna


Field: Innovation Dynamics and Modelling

Main Research: Internationalisation of R&D, multinational firms, innovation in services, R&D policy

Experience: My areas of expertise are the economics of innovation and technological change, in particular with regard to the internationalisation of R&D, innovation in services, and the analysis of national and international technology policy. To date, my work has been mostly empirical and applied.

  • 2006-2006: Visiting Researcher
    CPROST, Simon Fraser University / Canada
  • 2010-2010: Visiting Economist
    European Commission, DG Enterprise / Belgium


  • What Follows Tertiarisation? Structural Change and the Role of Knowledge-Based Services
    Author(s): Peneder, M., Kaniovski, S., Dachs B.
    Journal: The Services Industries Journal, 2 (2003) ; 47-67
  • Why do Firms Co-operate for Innovation? A comparison of Austrian and Finnish CIS 3 results
    Author(s): Dachs, B., Ebersberger, B., Pyka, A.
    Journal: International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy, 3 (2008) ; 200-209
  • The Innovative Performance of Foreign-owned Enterprises in Small Open Economies
    Author(s): Dachs, B., Ebersberger, B., Lööf, H.
    Journal: Journal of Technology Transfer, 4 (2008) ; 393-406
  • Does Foreign Ownership Matter for the Innovative Activities of Enterprises?
    Author(s): Dachs, B., Ebersberger, B.
    Journal: International Economics and Economic Policy, 1 (2009) ; 41-57
  • What drives the Internationalisation of Innovation? Evidence from European Patent Data
    Author(s): Dachs, B., Pyka, A.
    Journal: Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 1 (2009) ; 71-86
  • The Innovative Performance of German Multinationals Abroad
    Author(s): Kampik, F., Dachs, B.
    Journal: Industrial and Corporate Change, 2 (2011) ; 661–681
  • Innovation, Employment Growth and Foreign Ownership of Firms. A European Perspective
    Author(s): Dachs, B., Peters, B.
    Journal: Research Policy, 1 (2014) ; 214– 232
  • Servitisation of European manufacturing: Evidence from a large scale database
    Author(s): Dachs, B., Biege, S., Borowiecki, M., Lay, G., Jäger, A., Schartinger, D.
    Journal: Service Industries Journal, 1 (2014) ; 5-23
  • The Effects of Production Offshoring on R&D and Innovation in the Home Country
    Author(s): Dachs, B., Ebersberger, B., Kinkel, S., Som, O.
    Journal: Journal of Industrial and Business Economics, 1 (2015) ; 9-31
  • Not for everybody? Product characteristics and digital production technologies in manufacturing firms.
    Author(s): Dachs, B. and I. Palcic
    Journal: Revue d’Economie Industrielle, 169 (2020) ; 37-56
  • From Few to Many: main trends in the internationalization of business R&D.
    Author(s): Dachs, B. and G. Zahradnik
    Journal: Transnational Corporations, 29(1) (2022) ; 107-135
  • The Internationalisation of Business R&D;
    The Internationalisation of Business R&D

    Author(s): Dachs, B., Stehrer, R., Zahradnik, G.
    Publisher: Edward Elgar; Cheltenham; 2014
  • Innovative Activities of Multinational Enterprises in Austria;
    Innovative Activities of Multinational Enterprises in Austria

    Author(s): Dachs, B.
    Publisher: Peter Lang; Frankfurt; 2009

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