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Dr. Matthias Blaickner

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Tech Gate Vienna, Donau-City-Strasse 1, 1220 Vienna

  • 2009-2011: Scientist
    Molecular Medicine Unit, Health & Environment Department, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Seibersdorf and Vienna, / Austria
  • 2004-2009: Project manager
    Medical Physics Department, Radiation Safety and Applications Division, Austrian Research Centers GmbH – ARC / Austria
  • 2006 –: Austrian Radiation Protection Association
  • 2012 –: International Society for Neutron Capture Therapy
  • 2013 –: World Association of Radiopharmaceutical and Molecular Therapy (WARMTH)
  • 2011: Dr. Franz Holeczke Award by the Austrian Society for Radiation Protection in Medicine
  • 2017: 2. place in the category „Research & Development“ at the GENIUS Ideas and Start-up Award by RIZ, the Start-Up Agency of Lower Austria


  • Targeted radionuclide therapy: theoretical study of the relationship between tumour control probability and tumour radius for a 32P/33P radionuclide cocktail
    Author(s): A. Lechner, M. Blaickner, S. Gianolini, K. Poljanc, H. Aiginger, and D. Georg
    Journal: Phys. Med. Biol, 53(7) (2008) ; 1961
  • Diversification of existing reference phantoms in nuclear medicine: Calculation of specific absorbed fractions for 21 mathematical phantoms and validation through dose estimates resulting from the administration of (18)F-FDG
    Author(s): M. Blaickner and P. Kindl
    Journal: Cancer Biother. Radiopharm, 23(6) (2008) ; 767
  • Discrete beta dose kernel matrices for nuclides applied in targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT) calculated with MCNP5
    Author(s): D. Reiner, M. Blaickner, and F. Rattay
    Journal: Med. Phys., 36(11) (2009) ; 4890
  • Dosimetric feasibility study for an extracorporeal BNCT application on liver metastases at the TRIGA Mainz
    Author(s): M. Blaickner, J. V Kratz, S. Minouchehr, G. Otto, H. Schmidberger, C. Schütz, L. Vogtländer, B. Wortmann, and G. Hampel
    Journal: Appl. Radiat. Isot., 70(1) (2012) ; 139
  • Relevance of PET for pretherapeutic prediction of doses in peptide receptor radionuclide therapy
    Author(s): M. Blaickner and R. P. Baum
    Journal: PET Clin., 9(1) (2014) ; 99
  • Confirmation of a realistic reactor model for BNCT dosimetry at the TRIGA Mainz
    Author(s): M. Ziegner, T. Schmitz, R. Khan, M. Blaickner, H. Palmans, P. Sharpe, G. Hampel, and H. Böck
    Journal: Med. Phys., 41(11) (2014) ; 111706
  • The alanine detector in BNCT dosimetry: dose response in thermal and epithermal neutron fields.
    Author(s): T. Schmitz, N. Bassler, M. Blaickner, M. Ziegner, M. C. Hsiao, Y. H. Liu, H. Koivunoro, I. Auterinen, T. Serén, P. Kotiluoto, H. Palmans, P. Sharpe, P. Langguth, and G. Hampel,
    Journal: Med. Phys., 42 (1) (2015) ; 400
  • Multidimensional dosimetry of (106)Ru eye plaques using EBT3 films and its impact on treatment planning.
    Author(s): G. Heilemann, N. Nesvacil, M. Blaickner, N. Kostiukhina, and D. Georg
    Journal: Med. Phys., 42 (10) (2015) ; 5798
  • PET image segmentation using a Gaussian mixture model and Markov random fields
    Author(s): T. Layer, M. Blaickner, B. Knäusl, D. Georg, J. Neuwirth, R. P. Baum, C. Schuchardt, S. Wiessalla, and G. Matz
    Journal: EJNMMI Phys., 2(1) (2015) ; 9
  • Cellular uptake and in vitro antitumor efficacy of composite liposomes for neutron capture therapy
    Author(s): T. Peters, C. Grunewald, M. Blaickner, M. Ziegner, C. Schütz, D. Iffland, G. Hampel, T. Nawroth, and P. Langguth
    Journal: Radiat. Oncol., 10(1) (2015) ; 52
  • Whole-Body Distribution and Radiation Dosimetry of 11C-Elacridar and 11C-Tariquidar in Humans.
    Author(s): Bauer, M., Blaickner, M., Philippe, C., Wadsak, W., Hacker, M., Zeitlinger, M. and Langer, O
    Journal: J. Nucl. Med., 57(8) (2016) ; 1265–8
  • On the applicability of [18F]FBPA to predict L-BPA concentration after amino acid preloading in HuH-7 liver tumor model and the implication for liver boron neutron capture therapy.
    Author(s): Grunewald, C., Sauberer, M., Filip, T., Wanek, T., Stanek, J., Mairinger, S., Rollet, S., Kudejova, P., Langer, O., Schütz, C., Blaickner, M. and Kuntner, C.
    Journal: Nucl Med Biol. , 44 (2017) ; 83–89
  • Treatment plan optimization and robustness of 106Ru eye plaque brachytherapy using a novel software tool
    Author(s): G. Heilemann, G. Fetty. M. Dulovits, M. Blaickner, N. Nesvacil, D. Georg, and R. Dunavoelgyi,
    Journal: Radiother Oncol., 123(1) (2017) ; 119-124
  • Radiation Physics (2015)
    University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
  • Doctoral Students Seminar: (2015)
    Medical University of Vienna

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