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Dr. Matthias Blaickner

Dr.  Matthias Blaickner




Health & Bioresources

Competence Unit

Preclinical Molecular Imaging




+43 50550 4458


2444 Seibersdorf


Field: Preclinical Molecular Imaging

Main Research: Monte Carlo simulations for radionuclide therapy, boron neutron capture therapy and brachytherapy, modelling and simulation, digital image processing, digital body phantoms and segmentation.

Experience: Matthias Blaickner, PhD studied Technical Physics at the Vienna University of Technology (MSc) and the Graz University of Technology (PhD), including a scientific stay at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago de Chile. Currently he is scientist at the Molecular Imaging group at the Health and Environment Department and permanent lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, the Radiation Protection Academy Seibersdorf as well as intermittent lecturer at the University of Leoben and the Medical University of Vienna. Dr. Blaickner has run scientific projects in different fields for over 6 years at the AIT and its predecessor institutions. His research focuses on computer simulations in Nuclear Medicine with a special emphasis on dosimetry and computational treatment planning in radionuclide therapy as well as Boron-Neutron-Capture Therapy (BNCT). In 2011 he received the Dr. Franz Holeczke Award by the Austrian Society for Radiation Protection in Medicine for his doctoral thesis on Monte Carlo simulations and individual dose assessment in Nuclear Medicine. The work of his research group has been co-funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology within the indicative ModSim - Computational Mathematics (see www.simtara.com), the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

  • 2009-2011: Scientist
    Molecular Medicine Unit, Health & Environment Department, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Seibersdorf and Vienna, / Austria
  • 2004-2009: Project manager
    Medical Physics Department, Radiation Safety and Applications Division, Austrian Research Centers GmbH – ARC / Austria
  • 2006 –: Austrian Radiation Protection Association
  • 2012 –: International Society for Neutron Capture Therapy
  • 2013 –: World Association of Radiopharmaceutical and Molecular Therapy (WARMTH)
  • 2011: Dr. Franz Holeczke Award by the Austrian Society for Radiation Protection in Medicine
  • 2017: 2. place in the category „Research & Development“ at the GENIUS Ideas and Start-up Award by RIZ, the Start-Up Agency of Lower Austria


  • Targeted radionuclide therapy: theoretical study of the relationship between tumour control probability and tumour radius for a 32P/33P radionuclide cocktail
    Author(s): A. Lechner, M. Blaickner, S. Gianolini, K. Poljanc, H. Aiginger, and D. Georg
    Journal: Phys. Med. Biol, 53(7) (2008) ; 1961
  • Diversification of existing reference phantoms in nuclear medicine: Calculation of specific absorbed fractions for 21 mathematical phantoms and validation through dose estimates resulting from the administration of (18)F-FDG
    Author(s): M. Blaickner and P. Kindl
    Journal: Cancer Biother. Radiopharm, 23(6) (2008) ; 767
  • Discrete beta dose kernel matrices for nuclides applied in targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT) calculated with MCNP5
    Author(s): D. Reiner, M. Blaickner, and F. Rattay
    Journal: Med. Phys., 36(11) (2009) ; 4890
  • Dosimetric feasibility study for an extracorporeal BNCT application on liver metastases at the TRIGA Mainz
    Author(s): M. Blaickner, J. V Kratz, S. Minouchehr, G. Otto, H. Schmidberger, C. Schütz, L. Vogtländer, B. Wortmann, and G. Hampel
    Journal: Appl. Radiat. Isot., 70(1) (2012) ; 139
  • Relevance of PET for pretherapeutic prediction of doses in peptide receptor radionuclide therapy
    Author(s): M. Blaickner and R. P. Baum
    Journal: PET Clin., 9(1) (2014) ; 99
  • Confirmation of a realistic reactor model for BNCT dosimetry at the TRIGA Mainz
    Author(s): M. Ziegner, T. Schmitz, R. Khan, M. Blaickner, H. Palmans, P. Sharpe, G. Hampel, and H. Böck
    Journal: Med. Phys., 41(11) (2014) ; 111706
  • The alanine detector in BNCT dosimetry: dose response in thermal and epithermal neutron fields.
    Author(s): T. Schmitz, N. Bassler, M. Blaickner, M. Ziegner, M. C. Hsiao, Y. H. Liu, H. Koivunoro, I. Auterinen, T. Serén, P. Kotiluoto, H. Palmans, P. Sharpe, P. Langguth, and G. Hampel,
    Journal: Med. Phys., 42 (1) (2015) ; 400
  • Cellular uptake and in vitro antitumor efficacy of composite liposomes for neutron capture therapy
    Author(s): T. Peters, C. Grunewald, M. Blaickner, M. Ziegner, C. Schütz, D. Iffland, G. Hampel, T. Nawroth, and P. Langguth
    Journal: Radiat. Oncol., 10(1) (2015) ; 52
  • PET image segmentation using a Gaussian mixture model and Markov random fields
    Author(s): T. Layer, M. Blaickner, B. Knäusl, D. Georg, J. Neuwirth, R. P. Baum, C. Schuchardt, S. Wiessalla, and G. Matz
    Journal: EJNMMI Phys., 2(1) (2015) ; 9
  • Multidimensional dosimetry of (106)Ru eye plaques using EBT3 films and its impact on treatment planning.
    Author(s): G. Heilemann, N. Nesvacil, M. Blaickner, N. Kostiukhina, and D. Georg
    Journal: Med. Phys., 42 (10) (2015) ; 5798
  • Whole-Body Distribution and Radiation Dosimetry of 11C-Elacridar and 11C-Tariquidar in Humans.
    Author(s): Bauer, M., Blaickner, M., Philippe, C., Wadsak, W., Hacker, M., Zeitlinger, M. and Langer, O
    Journal: J. Nucl. Med., 57(8) (2016) ; 1265–8
  • On the applicability of [18F]FBPA to predict L-BPA concentration after amino acid preloading in HuH-7 liver tumor model and the implication for liver boron neutron capture therapy.
    Author(s): Grunewald, C., Sauberer, M., Filip, T., Wanek, T., Stanek, J., Mairinger, S., Rollet, S., Kudejova, P., Langer, O., Schütz, C., Blaickner, M. and Kuntner, C.
    Journal: Nucl Med Biol. , 44 (2017) ; 83–89
  • Treatment plan optimization and robustness of 106Ru eye plaque brachytherapy using a novel software tool
    Author(s): G. Heilemann, G. Fetty. M. Dulovits, M. Blaickner, N. Nesvacil, D. Georg, and R. Dunavoelgyi,
    Journal: Radiother Oncol., 123(1) (2017) ; 119-124
  • Radiation Physics (2015)
    University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
  • Doctoral Students Seminar: (2015)
    Medical University of Vienna

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